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  • Retractable Hose Reels: A Solution to the Garden Hose Reel Battle

    As a devoted swimmer throughout my high school career, I loved everything except taking out the lane lines after practice. This was the worst part of swimming, and I often wouldn't want practice to end just so I could avoid it. The process was similar to manually reeling up a garden hose, but the lanes were much bigger and heavier and seemed to get tangled every two minutes. Reeling in hoses manually is also annoying, but not quite to the level of these which took three people per reel and...

  • COXREELS® Re-engineered a Superior Full-Flow Fluid Path for the 1175 & 1185 Series

    Coxreels® is pleased to announce a new re-engineered outlet riser on the 1175 and 1185 Series reels. These two Series have been enhanced and now come equipped with a remodeled low profile outlet riser offering improved full-flow characteristics.       The 1175 and 1185 series feature a new on-piece swept outlet riser and replace the machined flange riser and o-ring flange seal for maximum full-flow fluid path. This innovative low profile outlet riser along with the open drum slot design also allow for a non-crimping, flat smooth hose...

  • New Safety to Make Things Easier

    I absolutely hate reeling up the hose after I use it. I usually attempt to leave it out as long as possible in the hope someone else will need it. Or I simply pretend I forgot and wait for someone to notice. My problem is the hose is huge and heavy, and the reel we have is a cheaper on that is very difficult to reel, especially with so much weight. One solution that is becoming increasingly popular is retractable or spring reels. Instead of being slowly and painstakingly hand-cranked,...

  • Making Every Day Tasks A Little Easier

    It seems like every day new inventions and innovations are coming out that make our lives immensely easier. These new techniques and technologies could come in the form of a lowering step or review mirror cameras in your automobile, simpler cooking utensils and products or possibly automatic reels for hoses and cords. The later is something I cannot help to picture when I think about a retractable cord reel. These are much more common in the heavy, industrial sized cord reels, but soon could we be seeing other products making...

  • Dinosaurs and Retractable Cord Reels

    I have always been a movie lover. I enjoy nearly all types, however there are certain genres I tend to avoid but for the most part I will watch anything. Most of all, I love to watch movies that are able to take me to some different type of world, to really open my imagination and let me forget the dull life that I seem to live most of the time, like the first Jurassic Park (I did not mind the other ones, but this one was hands down the...

  • The Numerous Functions, Types, and Uses of Hose Reels

    Often, upon hearing the word hose reel, the average homeowner will think of the small manual reel used to hold their garden hose. While they may hate it (as in the case of my parents that have them), there is no denying that it helps clean up the yard, and allows the hose to last much longer than it otherwise would have. The most basic function of hose reels is to keep them out of the way and kink-free. When they are lying about, they can be easily ruined, and...

Industry Information

Retractable Hose Reels

Retractable hose reels are a specific type of hose reel, which are drum-shaped devices used to wind, unwind and store hose. Also known as automatic hose reels, retractable hose reels are those hose reels that engage in automatic retraction, rather than manual retraction. Retractable hose reels are superior to manual hose reels, which come equipped with hand-operated cranks, in a number of ways. They move faster, fatigue slower and are overall much more productive. In addition, these efficient hose reels are much less taxing, as the labor of a human operator is not required to make them work. They may be made to meet any number of unique application requirements, both industrial and individual. They are, for example, available in smaller models to hold garden hoses and other, lighter hoses with smaller diameters. Other areas in which they are used include: health and safety, construction, agriculture, automotive and transportation, manufacturing and storage.

Some retractable hose reels are made to fit very specific applications. For example, some reels are fabricated and used only for transportation purposes, while others exist solely for transportation and storage uses. Still others, called live connection hose reels, are made to allow operators to use a hose even when it is wound up on the reel. Retractable hose reels designed for use with construction hoses and fire hose applications generally have more rigidity and a larger build, in order to support the extra length and load of their application.

Retractable hose reels are subject to many design options. For example, they can retract hose using the power of a few different possible methods. Manufacturers may help hose reels harness their power through the equipment of air or pneumatic motors, electric motors, hydraulic motors or elastic devices known as internal springs. Additionally, if the application calls for it, a spring-powered hose reel may be hermetically sealed, an act that completely isolates it from moisture and dirt. Also, many, if not most, retractable hose reels are accompanied by a latching mechanism, the job of which is to ensure easy hose retraction at any length and positive extension stop. Another design option of retractable hose reels is the material used to construct them. Common materials used to fabricate retractable hose reels include aluminum, stainless steel and various grades of steel. The choice of material may be based on very specific or very broad specifications. For instance, medical applications, food processing and pharmaceutical industries require that all hose reels are made from a sanitary grade material like 304L stainless steel. Meanwhile, many applications within construction and industrial manufacturing simply necessitate that the hose reels be made of a corrosion resistant and heavy duty metal. In addition to live connection configurations, which were mentioned in the second paragraph, retractable hose reels may be fabricated to fit four basic configurations: portable, reel and assembly, collapsible and storage reel. Portable hose reels are constructed with an attached handle so that they can be moved from one place to another by hand. Reel and cable assembly hose reels consist of a variety of feature combinations. While they may contain any number of optional items, all such hose reels contain a wire and a reel. Collapsible reels can be broken down or folded flat to fit into small spaces or take up less room when not in use. Finally, storage reels are made simply for storage; they are not made to move and they do not work unless the hose is unwound.

Similar to retractable hose reels are retractable cable reels and retractable cord reels. These reels also provide winding and storage via motor-driven, spring-driven and hand crank-driven configurations. However, they simply provide these services for various types of cables and cords. In addition, just like retractable hose reels, they are subject to the five basic reel configurations: live connection, portable, reel and assembly, collapsible and storage reel.

Interested parties may seek retractable hose reels that have certain warranties or meet certain government or industry standards. Examples include no leak/no break/no rust warranties, limited warranties against product failure, factory guarantees and limited warranties against workmanship and material defects. Attainable standards include: ISO 4642-1:2009 (standards for semi-rigid reel hoses intended for fire-fighting), ISO 1402:2009 (hydrostatic testing of hose assemblies), ISO 4671:2007 (measurement of the length of hose assemblies) and many more. For the success of an application, a healthy customer-manufacturer relationship is important. Therefore, retractable hose reel customers should not hesitate to ask manufacturers questions before making a decision, such as those related to their post-assembly maintenance and parts replacement options.

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