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  • New Reels for Your Garden

    Spring is in the air! It may not be fully here yet but because of the freak warm weather spell that has suddenly made an appearance, it certainly feels like it! Whether it lasts or not, the weather is making everyone get ready for spring in the small ways they can. Whether this is by pulling out the flip flops and summer wardrobe, starting to clean and put away all the winter blankets or coats or beginning to tidy up the yard to start over your garden, homeowners are excited...

  • Protecting the Neighbors with Water Hose Reels

    Water hose reels have so many uses. For my family, they prevent the younger kids from tripping over the hose that would otherwise be lying on the ground. This is a regular occurrence for my youngest cousin whose parents still don't have a reel for their garden hose. Water hose reels are great for homes because they make better use of space and prevent injury from falling over. They prevent the hose from drying and cracking from the sun, and damage from lawnmowers. It also makes them last longer, and...

  • The Heat of The Summer

    The heat of the summer has fully arrived. The constant heat wave that keeps the weather in the high eighties or nineties everyday is making not only people suffer, but their yards as well. It can be seen and felt everyday as homeowners walk out onto their dead, yellow and painful to step on grass. A couple days without the sprinkler will quickly result a beautiful lawn to this state. To combat it, homes all over are turning on their sprinklers to keep the grass happy and healthy. This constant...

  • Wind Up the Clutter

    One of my biggest pet peeves is having a messy garage. I try to keep myself as organized as possible and having large equipment with detachable components can make cleanliness difficult. One of my most frequently used tools is my air compressor. In my garage I have an 80 gallon industrial sized air compressor to help with my auto mechanical work. Organizing my detachable tools for the air compressor was easy, but the air hose posed a problem. I did not have any way to hang up a 30 ft....

  • Hosing Down Whales and Putting Out Fires

    One of the first sad movies I remember trying not to cry during when I was younger was Free Willy. I love the ocean and everything about it, including all the animals that reside in it (that's right, even sharks). I remember getting so sad during the movie, when the boy had to help his new friend, Willy, escape to make sure that Willy would be able to survive. It was such a moving movie, you couldn't help but get attached to the characters in it. In the movie, to...

  • Tough Chores At Home

    While it can be nice for kids living at home to have their parents leave for the weekend or week on vacation, meaning a house to yourself, this would often annoy me. What it meant in my case was I had to take over watering the plants and the yard. And this meant tackling the evil hose reel. In our case, it was an old plastic reel that would always manage to stop working at some point for not reason. It would simple stop spinning or tip over or have...

Industry Information

Water Hose Reels

Water hose reels are hose reels that are used to store hoses that transport water from one location to another. A hose reel itself is a cylindrical device around which any variety of hoses can be either manually or mechanically (also known as automatic) wound. Able to be fixed or portable, water hose reels are categorized based on various factors including the diameter and the length of the hose that they hold, the pressure rating (amount of psi it is able to withstand) and the type of retraction method used.

Some of the wide range of applications that water hose reels are utilized for includes providing transportation of water in golf courses, athletic fields, farms and irrigation, parks and recreation, nurseries and orchards. In addition to these applications, water hose reels are also used to assist in watering lawns and landscaping in homes, resorts and hotels, restaurants, and many other commercial locations. They are also helpful for more heavy-duty, industrial applications such as equipment cleaning and pressure washing. Industrial hose reels are beneficial for use in many industries because they are a simple, safe and effective way of storing, delivering and retrieving hoses for any purpose that must provide water.

The main purpose of water hose reels is to keep hoses neat when not in use and kink-free when they are being used. Water hoses that are left lying out are a tripping hazard to employees and customers in the workplace; and even a danger to children, animals and lawnmowers in residential settings. However, water hose reels prevent these dangers and also protect hoses from the heat of the sun, which can cause them to crack. In general, water hose reels are manufactured from materials such as metal, fiberglass, or plastics. When it comes to specific design features, most water hose reels feature a side-mounted handle for winding and unwinding by hand. However, others utilize electric, spring, or air (pneumatic) power in order to unwind and wind the hosing with minimal effort. A motor powers the retraction mechanism in electric and pneumatic hose reels. In a spring reel, an internal spring is used to retract the hose. In addition, water hose reels can be designed in two main ways: as an open face hose reel or a closed face hose reel. In an open face hose reel, the hose is left open to the atmosphere. In a closed face hose reel, the hose is boxed in and protected from possible corrosive elements.

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