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  • Conductix-Wampfler: Trusted Provider of Reels Since 1945

    Cable Reels Conductix-Wampfler is the largest global producer of systems and equipment for transferring energy and data for applications such as cranes, people movers, light rail systems, amusements rides and other automated machines, as well as spring driven cable reels and motor driven cable reels. Our low-maintenance products have been proven over time in the most demanding industrial environments. With 22 field offices in the U.S. and three manufacturing plants we are able to provide an unwavering support to our domestic customers. Read more......

  • Hannay Reels Inc.: You Can't Buy a Better Reel

    Cable Reels Hannay Reels is a leading manufacturer of hose and cable reels for OEM and aftermarket applications, offering thousands of standard models and a wide range of custom capabilities. Superior manufacturing techniques, consistent quality and outstanding service result in the most durable reels available. Read more......

  • Cable Reels Keep Rolling On

    You've seen them on the side of the road, at construction sites, maybe even in a friend's living room. They're cable reels and they have been used to hold and transport wires, electric cables, and fiber optic cables for quite a few years now. Resembling large sewing spools these useful tools can be broken down into four categories. Those categories are wooden reels, plywood reels, plastic reels and steel reels. We'll work backwards with the categories starting with steel. Steel cable reels are most often used today for their versatility....

  • United Equipment Accessories, Inc. - High Quality Solutions, Affordable Prices

    Hose Reels United Equipment Accessories, Inc. is a company that is known for our quality assured products. Our company has manufacturing roots dating back to 1952 when we were designing remote control kits for truck mounted cranes. Our efforts over the years have resulted in United Equipment Accessories, Inc. becoming one the leading manufacturers of slip rings and hose reels in the world. Read More......

  • Coxreels Offers New Options for the Challenger Series Reels

    Coxreels is proud to introduce the new roller bracket assemblies for the Challenger Series. The function of the roller bracket, as it is on other models such as the 1125-Series and the 1175-Series, is to assist in guiding the hose during both extension and retraction. The roller bracket assembly is available only in a 4-way upper roller format, due to the compact size of the Challenger platform.  For 12” disk Challenger models, the roller bracket assembly is available for 8” wide drums and 12.5” wide drums. For 17” disk...

  • COXREELS® Re-engineered a Superior Full-Flow Fluid Path for the 1195 Series

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Florent Antonetti 800-269-7335 x119 In response to industry demand, Coxreels®, leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial-grade hose, cord and cable reels, is pleased to announce the entirely re-engineered fluid path on the 1195 Series reels. The 1195 Series now comes standard equipped with an in-line swivel and a remodeled low profile outlet riser offering superior full-flow characteristics and an improved operating pressure range. The 1195 Series, featuring a sturdy one-piece, all welded “A” frame base for maximum stability and designed to handle 50 to 125 feet of...

Industry Information

Cable Reels

Cable reels are functional objects designed to wind and unwind, hold and store different kinds of electrical cables. Electrical cables, conductors that transmit either electrical signals, optical signals or electric power, are made up of a core, twisted wire strands that protect the core and insulating material that covers both the core and strands. Cylindrical, drum-shaped and spool-like, cable reels are usually made from plywood, wood, plastic or steel, depending on their application. Cable reel applications reside mostly in the industrial and manufacturing industries, where they keep cables both up off the ground and away from other hazards, like environmental wear and tear. During transport, they protect cable from tangling, breakage and cutting. Also, they can be found on roadways across the United States, storing cables that will eventually connect the country. They are integral to the function of systems and equipment such as: aerial work platforms, conveyor systems, forestry equipment, forklifts, garage doors, hoists, light towers, material handling systems, a variety of overhead crane designs, robotic welding cells and theatrical and stage sets.

In addition to their primary functions, cable reels often find themselves living new, repurposed lives after their retirement. One of the biggest current trends in home and restaurant furniture is the repurposing of industrial equipment like cable reels, especially wooden cable reels. In a house or at a cafe, they can serve as chairs, end tables, bookshelves and anything else a person can imagine.

There are many different kinds of cable reels. They are primarily grouped according to the size of cables that they can hold, though the name of an individual reel does not necessarily reflect this. Plywood reels, for example, which are made either from poplar ply or bitch, are considered appropriate only for lighter loads. These inexpensive cable reels are very common for the storing of cables as they wait for transportation or utilization. Heavy duty steel reels, on the other hand, can be used with heavier and larger loads, because they are designed to have extra strength. Also, unlike plywood reels, which may be thrown away or recycled after only one or a few uses, heavy duty steel reels can be used over and over again. Cable reels can be further divided by whether they have automatic/mechanical or manual retraction features. Automatic, or automated retraction reels retract cable automatically, with the help of a hydraulic, electric or pneumatic motor. Manual retraction cable reels enact retraction only by the engagement of a hand-turned crank. Some cable reels are powered by a third type of retraction, the spring-based retraction method. In this case, the cable is retracted via the force of an internal spring.

Cable reels are also categorized by which one of the five different basic reel configurations they follow. They may possibly be: collapsible, live connection, reel and cable assembly, portable or storage reel cable reels. Collapsible cable reels, just as their name suggests, can fold flat, a feature that makes them easy to store. Next, live connection cable reels are named such because they allow cables to transmit power while they are still attached to the reel. While convenient, they are generally expensive and may likely be quite heavy. Reel and cable assembly cable reels are made up of a variety of parts and optional accessories, including a reel, a wire and other items. Meanwhile, portable cable reels are designed for easy movement; they can be transported by hand using an attached handle. Finally, storage reel cable reels are made for storage and storage alone. In fact, storage reels cannot be used unless the cable is unwound.

As mentioned before, the main materials by which cable reels are fabricated include steel, plastic, plywood and wood. Steel and steel alloys are known for strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Consequently, steel or stainless steel are usually chosen to fabricate cable reels that will be put to work with heavy duty industrial applications. However, they are quite versatile and may also be used with light applications. Plastic cable reels are not usually used with heavy duty applications, however, having emerged as an environmentally friendly alternative to other materials, they are quite popular for use with lighter loads. Plastic cable reels become doubly green when they are made from recycled plastics, rather than newly formed plastics. Plywood cable reels are an inexpensive alternative to wooden cable reels and their lifespans are very short. However, they are strong and lightweight, and used extensively by commercial electricians and builders. Wooden cable reels, which are also recyclable, are available in three major makes: export, steel-tyred and one-way drums. Export reels are designed for trips abroad; steel-tyred reels are made for multiple uses and one-way drums are designed for a single trip.

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