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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of ceramic magnet manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top ceramic magnet manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any ceramic magnet company can design, engineer, and manufacture ceramic magnets to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach ceramic magnet companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of ceramic bar magnets, dc permanent magnet motors, and bulk ceramic magnets.

  • Castle Rock, CO

    Master Magnetics Inc. is the perfect place to meet your magnetic substance and product needs. With over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing products like ceramic magnets and other varieties in various shapes and sizes, Master Magnetics is a company you can depend on to deliver well. Check out their website or give them a call today!

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    If you are looking for a place that you can trust that has excesses of experience in the magnetic production arena, then look no further then International MagnaProducts. Give us a call or visit our website to discover the multitude of products we have to offer you, such as ceramic magnets that come in standard, modifiable or customized options. Meeting our customer’s needs is our top priority.

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    Alliance LLC is one of the world's largest distributors of magnetic assemblies. Here at Alliance LLC, success is measured by our ability to help customers succeed in their different markets. Call us today!

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  • Highland, MI

    MPI has the experience to design and build any magnetic conveyor or nonmagnetic conveyor that is commercially manufactured, from beltless magnetic conveyors to trough-belt conveyor systems. MPI systems handle a variety of applications and perform reliably in even the roughest environments such as those found in the recycling, mining or aggregate industries. MPI vibratory feeders are available as stand-alone components or as total material handling, storage, metering and conveying solutions.

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  • Hicksville, NY

    Viona Magnets is a leading manufacturer and supplier of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies for fabrication and distribution. We can offer recommendations for your particular application based on our years of experience, and select the appropriate magnetic material for you. Many standard parts are available in stock for immediate release.

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World Leading Manufacturer of Magnets.

Alnico Magnets is the industry-leading manufacturer of permanent magnets and industrial magnetic equipment around the world. Our products include Rare Earth Magnets, Alnico Magnets, Ceramic Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, Magnetic Lifting, Cartridge/Tube magnets, and other magnetic equipment. We are headquartered in Newton, Kansas, and have multiple locations around the world including Illinois, Pennsylvania, England, China and Australia. Read more...... Read More

Refrigerator Magnets

We all have refrigerators in our homes and use them on a daily basis. The fact that they can keep anything cold that is inside of them is greatly convenient and a necessity to most of us. But what is on the outside of the refrigerator hanging on it are items that can hold much value to people in the home as well. Many people hang pictures, art work, an A report card, important telephone numbers, reminders and many other items on their fridges. Anything we put on them is... Read More

The Affordable Ceramic Magnets

I have never had a problem finding affordable and adorable magnets to decorate my fridge with the cards and photos that aren't necessary to display but are displayed none the less. In fact, most of my magnets were purchased for a dollar or less. However, this price range does not apply to most industrial strength magnets. Many varieties used within mechanical systems like motors, solenoid valves and transformers are actually very expensive but also very necessary. Unlike the ones that are on my fridge, the magnetic assemblies within automotive and... Read More

The Certainty of Ceramic Magnets

Everyone is familiar with what magnets are. You learn about them in elementary school, we see them on refrigerators, use them as reminders, advertisements and purchase them as souvenirs. The basic properties of magnets are understood, that they use a magnetic field to create attraction to objects. Surely the true definition is a lot more complicated than what I just mentioned, but for the standard person, that definition suits us well. What we may not be familiar about though, is that magnets come in a variety of styles and compositions.... Read More

Magnets: One of Nature's Best Tools

by Marjorie Steele, Editor for IQS The magnet is one of civilization's oldest and most useful tools. Most people would be surprised to learn how many items and conveniences in our daily lives are made possible by magnets. I say most people, but certainly not all; manufacturers of industrial magnets and veterans of the agricultural, mining and metal fabricating industries are well aware of magnets' many diverse and essential uses. My grandmother, who grew up farming in southern Michigan during the Great Depression, understood what a valuable tool a magnet... Read More

A Wide Variety of Plate and Grate Magnets are Available for Quick Shipping Through EriezXpress Program

The EriezXpress® Program includes a variety of Plate and Grate Magnets that help remove unwanted ferrous metals to protect equipment from damage and improve product purity. Through the EriezXpress Program, Eriez® offers quick shipping on some of the company’s most popular items, providing immediate solutions to customers’ processing problems. Many items ship the next business day.  A broad array of Ceramic and Rare Earth Plate Magnets and Grate Magnets in a variety of sizes and designs are available through the EriezXpress Program to meet the needs of professionals in... Read More

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Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic magnets, or ferrite magnets, are the most common magnet used in industrial applications. As permanent magnets, ceramic magnets have a much stronger magnetic force than most other common magnets, and their non-metallic ceramic composition makes them the most affordable magnet capable of industrial strength magnetic force.

As their name implies, ceramic magnets are a sintered composite of powdered iron oxide, strontium (or barium) and ceramic powder; the finished product is a brittle and porous charcoal gray ceramic. As a result of their brittle, porous composition, ceramic magnets are often nickel coated to prevent chipping and breaking. As with powdered metal parts, ceramic magnets can be compacted into blocks, discs and arcs while in powdered form. Once the magnet is sintered, however, machining and forming can be difficult and costly; due to their brittleness and hardness, diamond cutters are usually required to machine ceramic magnets. Although the magnetic force of ceramic magnets is ranked slightly below alnico magnets (a metallic magnet composited from aluminum, nickel and cobalt) and much lower than rare earth magnets, ceramic magnets are prized not only for their cost economy but also for their magnetic permanence.

One of the most important aspects of a magnet's ability to retain its magnetism under corrosion, vibration, exposure to electrical fields, time and heat is important because it determines for which applications a magnet may be used. Ceramic magnets have excellent magnetic permanence under corrosion and electrical exposure, making them the perfect material for DC motors, speakers and lifting, retrieving and separating corrosive materials. In addition, ceramic magnets' magnetic permanence is beneficial in the welding and construction industries as well as other motor, sound and electromagnetic environments subject to vibration and electricity, but their thermal stability is very poor. Applications which require industrial-strength magnets to operate under high heat use either alnico magnets, which maintain magnetic permanence at up to 550 degrees Celsius, or samarium cobalt rare earth magnets, which also have excellent high heat resistance. Some examples of applications that ceramic magnets are found in many home appliances, automobiles, children's toys, tools and equipment at the doctor's office. In addition, ceramic magnets are often found in refrigerator magnet hooks, and they are notably stronger than other refrigerator sheet magnets' poly-magnetic compounds.

Ceramic Magnets
Ceramic Magnets
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Ceramic Magnets - International MagnaProducts, Inc.