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  • Erie, PA

    Since 1942, Eriez has been specializing in separation technology for a variety of industries. Eriez designs, develops, and manufactures magnets and related products. Eriez has 8 locations addition to their headquarters in Pennsylvania, making it convenient to ship their products all over the world. With proper care, Eriez magnet products can last a lifetime and not lose strength. Eriez offers many magnet products and stocks popular quick ship products as well for immediate needs. Call Eriez today for more information!

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    Our customers know they can trust us to provide them with the best magnets in the industry. We supply magnets from only the best manufacturers in the world. We will not offer substandard products or anything that is not the most cost-effective solution. Our goal is to provide the perfect product to our customers for less! Find out more on our website today!

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  • West Chester, OH

    At TyTek Industries, we are experts in manufacturing magnetic components. Our magnetics catalog include magnetic assembly, alnico magnets, rare earth magnets, and many more. It is our team’s mission to always draw on our strengths and experience to ensure the very best service and quality for our customers. For more information, visit our website or call today!

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  • Golden Valley, MN

    At US Magnetix, we offer a wide-variety of industrial magnets including ceramic magnets, magnet receptive, magnet rolls, magnet sheets, magnet tape, neodymium magnets, and many more. We believe that our magnets are only as great as the materials used to make it. That’s why our high-quality industrial magnets are the best fit for any type of project and any size production run. Contact US Magnetix to get started on your next project.

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Magnetic Separators Industry Information

Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separators utilize wire coils and direct currents to create a magnetic field which is then used to separate ferrous materials from nonferrous materials.

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Magnetic Separator Applications

These items are ideal in manufacturing settings where extracting metals is ideal for recycling and purifying the materials. This type of equipment has a number of other industries such as electronic waste recycling, materials recovery, municipal solid waste/biomass, bottom ash, construction, demolition, glass cullet, and more.

Types of Magnetic Separators

These magnetic separators come in a wide range of configurations: plate magnets, grate magnets, liquid line trap magnets, RF cartridges, deep reach separators, pulley magnets, magnetic drums, and suspended permanent magnets, superconducting high-gradient magnetic separators, and much more. Specific types of magnetic separators can be specialized for different tasks based upon the exact needs of an application, where wet high, intensity magnetic separators and eddy current separators play a role.

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Eriez® Announces New RevX-E® Eddy Current Separator with Quick Change Belt System

Erie, PA— The latest generation of the Eriez® RevX-E® product line combines the same high performance separation of previous models with a variety of maintenance-friendly enhancements, including an innovative cantilever frame design which enables 10 minute belt changes.  RevX-E Eddy Current Separators offer a direct drive for both the rotor and conveyor. Larger side panels allow complete open access to the ECS conveyor for easier maintenance. The hood with adjustable splitter gives customers the ability to switch back and forth between the fines adjustment for processing small particles and the... Read More About This

Eriez® Offers Complete Packages for MRF/MSW Applications

Erie, PA —Eriez® offers complete materials recovery facilities (MRF) and municipal solid waste (MSW) packages designed to monitor metal losses and effectively separate ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper, cardboard and plastics. Eriez MRF/MSW packages include advanced magnetic separators, eddy current separators and metal loss monitoring equipment.    “MRFs around the country utilize our equipment to minimize waste sent to landfill and maximize profits by recovering higher levels of marketable grades of metal and plastics,” says Chris Ramsdell, Product Manager-Recycling Equipment. “While other manufacturers offer pieces of the puzzle, Eriez provides... Read More About This