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  • Castle Rock, CO

    The sizes, materials and shapes that magnetic substances can come in are vast, including rings, blocks, rectangles, disks, arcs, bars and rods. Whether you need a permanent magnet, flexible magnet or magnetic device, all of your needs can be met at Master Magnetics, The Magnet Source™. Since 1976, they have been devoted to providing industrial and commercial settings with excellent products.

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    The Magnets Online division of International MagnaProducts is an excellent resource for companies who are in need of magnetic materials, products and/or assemblies. It is as easy to maneuver around as it is to have the team at IMP help you find the perfect part for your application, detailed to your every specification. This includes modifying basics like permanent magnets.

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    Alliance LLC is one of the world's largest distributors of magnetic assemblies. We carry everything from permanent magnets to flexible magnets. At Alliance, we inspect all of our products to ensure that customers' expectations are met. For more information, call us today!

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  • Highland, MI

    MPI has the experience to design and build any magnetic conveyor or nonmagnetic conveyor that is commercially manufactured, from beltless magnetic conveyors to trough-belt conveyor systems. MPI systems handle a variety of applications and perform reliably in even the roughest environments such as those found in the recycling, mining or aggregate industries. MPI vibratory feeders are available as stand-alone components or as total material handling, storage, metering and conveying solutions.

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  • Hicksville, NY

    Viona Magnets is a leading manufacturer and supplier of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies for fabrication and distribution. We can offer recommendations for your particular application based on our years of experience, and select the appropriate magnetic material for you. Many standard parts are available in stock for immediate release.

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Shark barrier made with permanent magnets designed to curb attacks

August 15, 2014 While magnets are known to repel when similar poles face one another, marine conservationists are making a splash by using permanent magnets to repel sharks. Craig O'Connell, founder of the marine conservation non-profit O'Seas Conservation Foundation, created the shark repellant device known as the Sharksafe Barrier, Mashable reported. The device works by integrating permanent magnets and plastic to look like a kelp forest. While the kelp itself is unsuspecting, it has the power to repel some of the largest species of sharks in the world,... Read More

Eriez Rare Earth Magnetic Drum Produces the Highest Level of Purity

A world authority in separation technologies, Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd demonstrates the efficiency of its rare earth magnetic drum separation system to help produce the highest levels of purity in fine powdery material. Société Européenne Produits Réfractaires (SEPR) in France, part of the Saint Gobain Group required reducing the ferrous contamination of its very fine (> 0.5mm particle size) refractory cullet to less than 120ppm of Fe whilst maintaining a throughput of 1,000 kg per hour by using a self-cleaning system. The solution was to use rare earth magnets, which... Read More

3 Magnetic Innovations Changing the Food and Beverage Industry

August 05, 2014 While powerful magnets well-known in leading to new developments in technical fields like machinery manufacturing, there are also innovations emerging in the food and beverage industry that are made possible with magnets. Food and beverage producers are always looking for ways to protect their brands and create unique products and magnets could play a crucial role in meeting these goals.  Here are three magnetic innovations in the food and beverage industry: Researchers speed up wine production with magnets Many wine connoisseurs enjoy a good aged wine but may find... Read More

Permanent Magnets: Who Needs Electricity?

Since electricity was invented, it has been incorporated into nearly every aspect of human life. Every building is lit up like a Christmas tree by electric lights, and the technological gadgets that our society adores are all enabled by electricity. Even those gadgets run by batteries are a better deal if they can be re-charged with electricity. These are just two examples amongst a plethora of electric applications, which is why it should come as no surprise that electromagnets, which are magnets that only work when they have an electric... Read More

Magnets pave way for future of noncontact manufacturing processes

September 05, 2014 Robots and other automated machinery have played a significant role in changing manufacturing and the processes that make everyday consumer products. The future of robotics is even brighter as companies develop innovative processes to improve these transformative technologies. Recently, scientists at Harvard University have discovered a method to build devices using magnetic levitation instead of robots to physically hold onto objects, BBC News reported. With powerful magnets and magnetic materials, manufacturers could produce goods without making contact with materials that could easily break in the clutches of robotic arms. ... Read More

3 ways magnets are improving smartphone cases

While electronics consumers may be worried about the effects of powerful magnets on their mobile devices, demand for magnets is likely to rise as magnets add to the functionality of regular smartphone cases. For those concerned, there is good news as the magnets found in smartphone cases will generally have little impact on the phone. One reader of The Telegraph wrote in and expressed concern about having a case with a magnetic button to secure the phone in the mobile device. In response to whether the magnetic clasp is safe, Rick Maybury, a... Read More

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Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets are objects that have been manufactured from a magnetized material and are thus able to create their own persistent magnetic field. As a whole, magnets can be largely broken up into two categories: non-permanent and permanent. Non-permanent magnets are electromagnets which require an external electric current to trigger magnetism or non-magnetism. Permanent magnets, on the other hand, retain their magnetism indefinitely or until they are demagnetized by vibration, dirt, corrosion or interfering magnetic fields. 

A magnet's capacity for retaining its magnetism under various conditions is called "magnetic permanence," and some types of permanent magnets have higher capacities for permanence than others. Typically, permanent magnets are fabricated from such chemical elements as non-rare earth elements like, alnico (aluminum-nickel-cobalt), ceramics (such as strontium and barium ferrite), and rare earth elements link, Sm-Co (samarium-cobalt) and NdFeB (neodymium-iron-boron). As an advantageous magnet option, permanent magnets are widely used in many industries, particularly for applications which require constant magnetic force, such as in metal separation and holding, as well as the automotive, industrial manufacturing, aerospace, construction industries and more.

In addition to the aforementioned applications, another useful application is that mechanical motion can be created by permanent magnets when an electric current is introduced to one of the magnets' poles. However, rare earth magnets, including neodymium magnets and samarium cobalt magnets, have a much stronger magnetic force (and higher magnetic permanence) than other permanent magnets and for this reason can be used in small quantities to help with sound amplification and computer data processing. For instance, very small neodymium magnets help computer hard drives read and store information, or they may cause the vibration in speakers which produces sound. Ceramic magnets and aluminum-nickel-cobalt alloyed alnico magnets, two types of permanent magnet which are fabricated through sintering, are also used to amplify sound as well as for various metal holding, sorting and electric motor applications. This diversity of applications make permanent magnets essential in food processing, bulk material handling, metal fabrication and handling, electric motor manufacturing, sound amplification, data processing and many other industries. Magnet manufacturers can fabricate custom permanent magnets into a variety of shapes, densities and magnetic strengths.

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