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  • Castle Rock, CO

    Founded in 1976 and located in Castle Rock, Colorado, Master Magnetics, Inc. manufactures and distributes alnico magnets and other magnetic substances as well as magnetic devices for commercial, industrial and consumer use. Our large inventory and warehousing capabilities, along with two regional production and distribution facilities, ensure fast and cost-effective delivery.

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    If you are looking for high quality alnico magnets, then you have come to the right place! We are the best source for high-quality, low-cost magnetic solutions! We provide thousands of products from the finest magnet manufacturers around the world. We will help you find the best solution to your every need. Contact us today to find out how we can help you today!

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  • Rochester, NY

    Founded in 1895, Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of high performance permanent magnets, electromagnetics, magnetic assemblies, and precision thin metals. Arnold’s magnets, metals, and systems are used in high-efficiency electric motors and generators, sensors, batteries, and more. A US-based corporation with several ITAR locations complying with DFAR throughout their supply chain, and certified to SAE AS9100D and ISO9001:2015.

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    Alliance LLC is one of the world's largest distributors of magnetic assemblies. Our customers are served from strategic locations all over North America. Call us today for more information!

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  • Highland, MI

    MPI has the experience to design and build any magnetic conveyor or nonmagnetic conveyor that is commercially manufactured, from beltless magnetic conveyors to trough-belt conveyor systems. MPI systems handle a variety of applications and perform reliably in even the roughest environments such as those found in the recycling, mining or aggregate industries. MPI vibratory feeders are available as stand-alone components or as total material handling, storage, metering and conveying solutions.

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  • Hicksville, NY

    Viona Magnets is a leading manufacturer and supplier of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies for fabrication and distribution. We can offer recommendations for your particular application based on our years of experience, and select the appropriate magnetic material for you. Many standard parts are available in stock for immediate release.

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Keeping Rhythm With Magnets

In a week, I am marrying a man who is obsessed with music. He and his brother have a band that they started in high school, and they have toured various areas around Michigan. His position in the band has transitioned since high school; he is now the primary vocalist as well as the bass player. Our apartment is littered with guitar picks, and we have guitars hanging from the walls. My fianc can play a multitude of instruments, but his favorite by far is the electric guitar. Guitar pickups,... Read More

The Guitar Pickup

Magnets are utilized in a variety of surprising ways, and one of the most pleasantly surprising is within a guitar pickup system. In case music is not your forte, a guitar pickup is an electromagnetic device that gives electric guitars a certain sound unique from acoustic guitars and vital to the rock n' roll music since its birth. In essence, alnico pickup magnets work by creating a magnetic field that picks up the vibrations from the metallic strings of an electric guitar being played and translates those vibrations into an... Read More

Magnetic Therapy

Most magnetic items are custom magnets, specifically designed for the field they will be utilized. Also, these magnets are customized and then mass produced, which is a slightly different use of the term. A major arena for custom magnets is magnetic therapy. This alternative medicine technique utilizes permanent magnets to supposedly benefit the health of the person undergoing the therapy, which can vary from wearing magnetic pieces to applying magnetic cream or taking a dip in a magnetized bath. Although these therapies are not proven to be helpful, many claim... Read More

Technomag Inc: Manufacturer and Fabricator of Magnets

Alnico Magnets Since we were established in 1999, Technomag Inc. has been known as a top leader in the magnet industry. Technomag Inc. is located in Setauket, New York and we serve industries around the world as a manufacturer and fabricator of magnets. Read more...... Read More

Magnetic Assemblies: When One is Not Enough

Sometimes using just one of something is not enough. This is true when eating jelly-beans, popcorn and potato chips as well as in many industrial product contexts. For example, some companies that utilize industrial magnets for various projects only need to use one at a time. A single giant magnet is often attached to a crane or similar contraption to pick up scrap metal in metal fabrication companies. However, there are certain applications that require numerous magnets, also known as magnetic assemblies. A magnetic assembly is simply defined as a... Read More

Alnico Magnets: Musically Sound

Like most industrial materials, I have been very surprised to discover the random uses for magnets, which pop up in cool places, such as musical instruments and equipment, where I never would have expected to find them. Specifically, it is alnico magnets, which are made from a combination of cobalt, nickel and aluminum that are used within musical systems. A couple other elements are also used to create alnico magnets, but they are used in such small amounts they are rarely mentioned. In general, magnetic materials are not easy to... Read More

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Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnets are a type of permanent magnet that is manufactured from a specific magnetic alloy for the properties that it contains. The magnetic alloy, “alnico," is an acronym of aluminum, nickel and cobalt, the three main elements in this mid-grade permanent magnet. Some characteristics of alnico are that it is hard, brittle, has a low coercive force, excellent temperature stability, high residual induction and fairly high energies. 

Alnico magnets, in addition to their composition of aluminum, nickel and cobalt, can also be alloyed with iron, copper and often titanium in order to create a magnet with a stronger magnetic force than all other permanent magnets (with the exception of the rare earth elements of neodymium and samarium-cobalt). More cost-effective than high-strength rare earth magnets and having higher magnetic force and permanence than ceramic magnets, alnico magnets are the perfect fit for a wide range of applications. For instance, cow magnets are made exclusively from alnico, and alnico magnets are also used in sound amplification, electric motors, sensors and many sorting and lifting tools. In addition to these applications, alnico magnets are utilized in industries including instrumentation, research and music for electric guitar pickups, loudspeakers, traveling wave tubes and many others.

Alnico magnets are similar to ferrite ceramic magnets but are less brittle, more easily fabricated into shapes, and have higher magnetic resistance. Being a metallic magnet rather than ceramic, they do not need always to be nickel-coated for structural applications like ceramic magnets do. Additionally, alnico magnets have medium-high magnetic force but relatively unstable magnetic permanence under corrosion or vibration, making them unsuitable for motor, water treatment and sound speaker applications. There are two main methods by which alnico magnets are fabricated: casting and sintering processes. The casting process entails heating up the alnico until it achieves a molten state, and then pouring the molten alnico into a mold. Once in the mold, the alnico is further processed by means of varied heat treating cycles. Cast alnico magnets offer the advantage of working extremely well in terms of magnetic capability, but suffer in terms of mechanical properties as they are often characterized by casting voids and hairlines cracks in the alnico. The sintering process, on the other hand, involves the manufacturing of solid parts, such as various stock magnet shapes like rods, bars, channels and horseshoes, from powdered materials that are heated to just below the melting point in order to cause particulate adhesion.

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