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  • Rochester, NY

    Founded in 1895, Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of high performance permanent magnets, electromagnetics, magnetic assemblies, and precision thin metals. Arnold’s magnets, metals, and systems are used in high-efficiency electric motors and generators, sensors, batteries, and more. A US-based corporation with several ITAR locations complying with DFAR throughout their supply chain, and certified to SAE AS9100D and ISO9001:2015.

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    Our customers know they can trust us to provide them with the best magnets in the industry. We supply magnets from only the best manufacturers in the world. We will not offer substandard products or anything that is not the most cost-effective solution. Our goal is to provide the perfect product to our customers for less! Find out more on our website today!

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  • Garland, TX

    CMS Magnetics excels as a leading magnet supplier, offering a vast array of high-quality neodymium, hard ferrite, SmCo, and AlNiCo magnets. We also provide diverse magnetic assemblies like pot magnets, channel magnets, and magnetic lifters, tailored for various applications. Our commitment to excellence is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a money-back promise. We accept custom orders across all magnetic materials, ensuring precise fulfillment of your needs.

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  • Erie, PA

    Since 1942, Eriez has been specializing in separation technology for a variety of industries. Eriez designs, develops, and manufactures magnets and related products. Eriez has 8 locations addition to their headquarters in Pennsylvania, making it convenient to ship their products all over the world. With proper care, Eriez magnet products can last a lifetime and not lose strength. Eriez offers many magnet products and stocks popular quick ship products as well for immediate needs. Call Eriez today for more information!

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  • West Chester, OH

    At TyTek Industries, we are experts in manufacturing magnetic components. Our magnetics catalog include magnetic assembly, alnico magnets, rare earth magnets, and many more. It is our team’s mission to always draw on our strengths and experience to ensure the very best service and quality for our customers. For more information, visit our website or call today!

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Bonded Magnets Industry Information

Bonded Magnets

Magnets are products that come in a number of shapes and sizes, and the magnets that have really pushed the mold have been bonded magnets. These magnets combine thermoplastic and thermo elastomer resins with magnetic powders in order to create injection molded, flexible magnets. These magnets are great for custom applications where a traditional, solid magnet would not offer the same type of value. Injection molding is not the only process in which bonded magnets are created as bonded magnet manufacturers also utilize the compression bonding process in order to supply customers with a higher magnetic output. The trade-off between the two is that while compression bonded magnets offer higher magnetic output, they are limited in shape and sizes, whereas injection molded magnets are rather flexible.

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Applications of Bonded Magnets

These bonded magnets are great for various applications, from sensors to brushless DC motors and just about everything else in between. The two different processes used to create the bonded magnets, injection molding and compression bonding, yield different characteristics when it comes to their final product. For example, a bonded magnet manufactured through the injection molding process has a very high mechanical strength, meaning it has a high tensile strength or withstands great physical force. On the other hand, compression bonded magnets yield only a moderate amount of mechanical strength but keep in mind that compression bonded magnets offer higher magnetic strength, which can be attributed to their higher magnetic particle density.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bonded Magnets

There are many options when searching for the right type of bonded magnet for your application and many factors to consider when making that choice. The type of applications and your requirements are the most important to consider. Ask yourself questions such as: Will the magnet be exposed to extreme temperatures? Will the magnet be exposed to solvents or outside fluids? Can my application fit a traditional style magnet or do I require a more flexible solution?

All of these questions are a great start to finding the perfect bonded magnet solution. Once you know what you are looking for, finding a trusted bonded magnet manufacturer is the next step in the process. They can help you fine-tune your selection to fit your application better and ensure that you receive the best possible bonded magnet based on your needs and requirements.

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