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  • Castle Rock, CO 800-525-3536

    We are the electromagnets experts. We have over 30 years of experience manufacturing high quality magnets. We believe that providing support to our customers is the best thing we can do for you. Whatever kind of magnet you need, we can get it for you. We offer 15 million magnets, so we are confident we have the right solution for your needs. Contact us today for more info!

  • Valparaiso, IN 219-465-1998

    Since our founding in 1982, we have remained dedicated to finding the best solution to your every problem. We source our electromagnets from the best manufacturers in the world. We look for the highest-quality, most cost-effective magnetic solutions for all our customers. We believe in offering nothing but the best! Learn more on our website!

  • Rochester, NY 800-593-9127

    Founded in 1895, Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of high performance permanent magnets, electromagnetics, magnetic assemblies, and precision thin metals. Arnold’s magnets, metals, and systems are used in high-efficiency electric motors and generators, sensors, batteries, and more. A US-based corporation with several ITAR locations complying with DFAR throughout their supply chain, and certified to SAE AS9100D and ISO9001:2015.

  • Valparaiso, IN 219-548-3799

    Alliance LLC is one of North America’s largest suppliers of magnetic materials. Our wide range of magnetic materials, along with a state of the art technical center, means you are in good hands! Your success is our priority, and we are not satisfied until you are. Learn more by visiting our website, or give us a call to discuss your magnet requirements. Call or email us today.

  • Marietta, OH 800-258-0991

    Magnum Magnetics® is the largest U.S. manufacturer of flexible magnetic sheeting, rolls, strip, and custom profiles. We also have a variety of specialty magnetic products including neodymium magnets, ceramic magnets, alnico magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, bonded magnets among others. We will take the time to understand your application before recommending a magnetic solution. We offer industry-leading delivery times with world-class, U.S.-based customer service.

  • Culver City, CA 800-421-6692

    Our specialty at Integrated Magnetics is producing standard and complex electromagnetic assemblies for a variety of applications. With an ISO 9001 certification and over 60 years of experience, we have provided electromagnets for industries ranging from medical to transportation. Our in-house capabilities include CNC machining, magnet grinding, electrical testing, and more. For solutions that are made to last, choose Integrated Magnetics!

  • Golden Valley, MN 800-330-1432

    At US Magnetix, we offer a wide-variety of industrial magnets including ceramic magnets, magnet receptive, magnet rolls, magnet sheets, magnet tape, neodymium magnets, and many more. We believe that our magnets are only as great as the materials used to make it. That’s why our high-quality industrial magnets are the best fit for any type of project and any size production run. Contact US Magnetix to get started on your next project.

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Controlling Magnetic Fields with Electromagnets

An electromagnet differs from any other magnet because itsmagnetic field is created from the flow of electrical current. In order for themagnet to work properly the current must be turned on. When turned off, themagnetic field will diminish. These magnets are used in various applicationsincluding automotives, junk yards, electronics, circuit breakers and many more.A simple electromagnet can be easily made by wrapping some insulated copperwire around an iron foundation and attaching a battery to the wire to createthe electric current. When the wire is connected to the battery, the iron willbecome magnetized, when disconnected it will loose its magnetism. This is aneasy example of how electromagnets work, but every electromagnet works the sameway no matter how big or small the scale of the magnet is.


These magnets are often used in junk yards that receive oldcars that need to be crushed. Most of the cars do not work anymore and they cannot be driven to be moved. In order to move them a crane is used with anelectromagnetic head. The circuit is turned off until the crane head ishovering over the car is wants to pick up. When the electric current is turnedon the car immediately attaches to the head of the crane through magneticforce. While attached, the crane moves the car to where it needs go and theelectric current is turned off to release it to its destination. This is alarge scale example of how electromagnets are used, however they can also befound in small applications such as speakers and television sets. These magnetsare very convenient because the magnetic field can be controlled. The only downside is that electric energy is needed to create the magnetic field.


An electromagnet is a type of magnet that is composed of a battery and iron wire that uses electric current in order to generate a magnetic field. The magnetic field is generated when the electric current passes through a wire, and the field dissipates when the current stops. The primary function of electromagnets is that they are used to lift metallic objects as well as being utilized in the design of many different machines and electronic systems.

Scientific laboratories, manufacturing plants that handle scrap metal, the automotive industry and appliance and electronic manufacturers all benefit from the use of electromagnets. In addition, they are part of the design of electric motors, generators, doorbells, circuit breakers, TVs, speakers and read and write heads for hard disks and tape drives. In the automotive industry, electromagnets are used to manufacture brakes and clutches in vehicles. In factories and plants, electromagnets are used to lift and suspend scrap metal and other heavy metallic objects like billets, steel plates, bars and forgings. In many of these applications a permanent magnet can be used instead of an electromagnet; however, electromagnets offer the advantage of being able to manipulate the magnetic field over a wide range at a rapid pace.

There are a few main components that are utilized in the formation of electromagnets: a battery and an iron wire. This wire is often formed into a coil, and can be formed into various shapes including that of a helix, making it a solenoid coil and that of a donut-shape, making it a toroid coil. In addition, the material of iron is used as the wire component in electromagnets because it belongs to a small group of metals that exhibit ferromagnetic properties and generates a magnetic field when exposed to an electrical current. The magnetism only exists when current is flowing from the battery. This type of soft iron core is also referred to as a ferromagnetic core and offers extremely high magnetic permeability. There are two main types of electromagnets. The first, flat-fraud, is mainly used when the magnet is able to attach itself to a smooth, flat piece of metal. Parallel-pole electromagnets have two poles spaced far apart from each other that allow the magnetic field to have a greater reach. These are used when the metallic object is of an irregular shape and only comes in partial contact with the magnet surface.

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