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Eriez is a world authority in separation techniques. We design, manufacture, develop, and market material feeding (vibratory feeders), magnetic separation, metal detection, screening, conveying and controlling equipment for over 80 process and metal working industries. With locations in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, Mexico and South Africa, our headquarters is a 130,000 sq. ft facility in Pennsylvania, USA which houses sales, manufacturing, marketing, and engineering operations. Conveniently located next to the Erie International Airport, our headquarters plant ships our products around the world. Eriez Vibratory Feeders effectively and efficiently convey, screen, and feed materials in quantities ranging from a few spoonfuls to tons per hour. Custom designs are also available for customers whose needs are not quite compatible with our standard systems. Our feeders serve different industries like Aggregates, Ceramic, Chemical, Food, Glass, Light Industries, Metal Working, Minerals Processing, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Plastics and Rubber, and Recycling. Our 5 star service offers a 24/7 service hotline, original OEM parts, on-site field service, equipment remanufacturing, and full "as new" warranties. The on-site technical center at Eriez maintains the company's largest system test laboratory, where customer products and raw materials are carefully inspected. Our experts conduct both feasibility and definitive studies, and we encourage our customers to participate in the testing of these materials and products. Our personnel are active in various trade associations in order to bring our customers the latest technology in the problem solving process. Call us today!


Eriez Releases HydroFlow Centrifuge Filter System

Eriez releases the new HydroFlow Centrifuge Filter System. The system is designed to remove sludge and contamination of particles up to 5 microns.

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New market manager-sanitary position filled at Eriez

Eriez recently announced the promotion of John Klinge to the position of Market Manager-Sanitary. Read this article to learn more!

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Eriez ® Appoints New Recycling Equipment Product Manager

Eriez has appointed a new product manager for Recycling Equipment. Read this article to learn more about Christopher Ramsdell’s new position.

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Mike Shattuck Promoted to Eriez® Market Manager-Metals Recycling

Eriez has promoted a new Market Manager for Metals Recycling. Read this article to learn about Mike Shattuck’s promotion.

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Eriez® Releases New Food Industry Brochure

Eriez releases a new brochure for their food industry products. The brochure includes photos and details of product offerings. Read more and see the brochure!

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Eriez® HydroFlow® Introduces Deep Bed Gravity Filters

Eriez is introducing a new Deep Bed Gravity Filter. This new rolled media gravity bed filter has many advantages. Read this to find out more about it!

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Eriez Rare Earth Rolls Provide Exceptional Purification or Concentration of Weakly Magnetic Materials

Eriez Rare Earth Roll Separators are designed for exceptional purification and outstanding performance.

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Eriez has new magnetic separators to fit your application

Eriez’s ProGrade series of magnetic separators are now available in three different degrees of magnetic strength. Read this article to learn more!

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New Eriez® White Paper Highlights Magnetic Separation Techniques to Improve Grinding Efficiency

Eriez has a new white paper highlighting magnetic separation techniques to improve grinding efficiency. Read this to learn more about it!

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Reversible Liquid Vacuums Remove Oils, Coolants

Eriez’s HydroFlow Reversible Liquid Vacuum is a speedy solution to time consuming tasks. Read this article to learn more about the product!

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Eriez ® Metal Loss Monitor Brochure Now Available Online

Eriez now offers the Metal Loss Monitor brochure on their website.

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Eriez Flotation Division Launches New Website

Eriez Floatation Division has just launched a new website with expanded information aimed at reaching the coal and mineral processing industries.

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Eriez® Pull Test Kits Now Available for Next Day Shipment Through EriezXpress™ Program

Eriez® Pull Test Kits are now being offered with expedited shipping. Read this article to learn about the EriezXpress™ program!

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Eriez® Releases New Video Spotlighting Orange University® Educational Resources, Tools, Testing and Training Opportunities

Eriez released a new video about their free educational resources, tools, testing, and training that are offered through the Orange University program.

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Eriez PolyMag Additives Help Safeguard Against Plastic Contamination in Food Products

Eriez®PolyMag® Additives allow for the detection plastic contamination in food products with metal detectability and other properties.

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The State-of-the-Art Eriez® 5-Star Service® Center Offers an Assortment of Programs to Ensure Metal Detection, Material Handling and Magnetic Equipment is Operating at the Highest Standards

Learn about Eriez’s 5 Star Service Center that offers state of the art programs to ensure equipment is operating at high standards. Read more here!

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Eriez 5-Star Service Can Save ‘Thousands of Dollars’

Eriez 5-Star Service is saving customers money when they rebuild their equipment instead of purchasing new equipment. Read more about it here!

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Industrial Motion Technologies, Inc. and Dempsco, Inc. Win Eriez® 2014 Merwin Sales Awards

Eriez recently rewarded 2 companies with the Eriez 2014 Merwin Sales Award for outstanding sales performance and superb customer service and support.

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Eriez® Offers Access to Comprehensive Online Literature Library

Eriez® is now offering access to their comprehensive online literature library that gives customer access to more than 140 pieces of literature!

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Eriez promotes researcher to manager of process engineering

Eriez has promoted one of their researchers to manager of process engineering! Read this article to learn about the promotion!

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Eriez Promotes Mankosa to Executive VP-Global Technology

Eriez recently promoted Mike Mankosa to executive VP-global technology! Read this article to learn about Mankosa and his new position with Eriez!

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Eriez Appoints Executive VP of Global Strategy & Development

Eriez has appointed Lukas Guenthardt as executive vice president of global strategy and development! Read this article to learn about his new position!

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Eriez Releases New Drum-In-Housing Animated Video

Eriez has released a new animated video featuring their drum-in-housing system.

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Eriez Uses Animated Video to Showcase Products

Eries showcases their vibratory feeders, suspended magnets and metal detectors in an animated video.

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New Eriez System Produces High-Grade Zorba

Take a look at Eriez new Rougher/Cleaner/Scavenger system which produces high-grade, premium Zorba.

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Eriez Magnetics Opens European Recycling Test Center

Eriez is expanding their European headquarters with the addition of a recycling test center.

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Eriez Moisture Monitor Prevents Excessive Water Content, Improves Metals Recovery and Reduces Costs

Eriez announces its new Moisture Monitor to help prevent excessive water content in recycling processes increasing metals recovery and decreasing costs.

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Eriez Expands Program to Include Magnetic Separators

Eriez ProGrade Progam is expanding, find out what they are adding in this press release

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Eriez to launch new dual frequency separator at RWM 2015

Eriez Europe will be showcasing the latest developments in their range of metal separation solutions at this year’s RWM.

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A Wide Variety of Plate and Grate Magnets are Available for Quick Shipping Through EriezXpress Program

Eriez offers a variety of plate and grate magnets available for quick shipping through EriezXpress Program. Click here to read more.

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New Eriez Xtreme Vertical Drop Metal Detectors Achieve Highest Levels of Sensitivity in Gravity Free-Fall Applications

Read about the new Xtreme Vertical Drop Metal Detectors that achieve the highest levels of sensitivity in gravity free-fall applications.

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Eriez 5-Star Service Repairs Vibratory Feeders, Saving Customers Money

Learn about Eriez® 5-Star Service®, an expert repair service for standard and specialized vibratory feeders.

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Eriez® Offers a Broad Range of Equipment to Improve Material Handling Efficiency and Safeguard Product Purity

Eriez® offers a broad range of equipment to improve material handling efficiency and safeguard product purity throughout food processing and packaging.

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Eriez Helps Processors Achieve Maximum Product Purity

Pair Eriez® Rare Earth magnetic separators and metal detectors to achieve unparalleled protection against metal contaminants in food/sanitary applications.

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New Performance Tests Conducted by The Pennsylvania State University Prove Eriez Xtreme RE7 Tube Circuit is Stronger than Competitors' Magnets

According to the results from testing conducted by Penn State, the Eriez® Xtreme® RE7 Tube Circuit is stronger than any other magnet on the market.

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Eriez® Reports Record-Breaking Metal Detector Sales in 2015

2015 was the most successful year ever for the company in terms of metal detector sales.

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Eriez® Incorporates New Breakthrough Metal Detection and Magnetic Separation Technology to Create More Powerful Systems for Pet Food Processing Applications

Eriez magnetic separation and metal detection equipment is used in stages throughout pet food processing to identify and eliminate metal contamination.

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Eriez 5-Star Service Offers Warranties on Rotor Repairs

Eriez 5-Star Service now offers one year “as new” warranties with every eddy current separator rotor repair job, the Pennsylvania-based company announced.

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Eriez Launches New Website Featuring Laboratory Equipment

Eriez launched a new website featuring a variety of processing, mining, and flotation laboratory equipment for sale. Check it out here!

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Eriez® Reports Increase in Sales and Demand for Conveyors used in Sanitary Applications

Eriez has increased production of their popular TM and VMC Conveyors in response to growing sales and demand from customers in sanitary industries.

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Eriez® Central Test Lab Now Offers Expanded Services for the Recycling Industry

Eriez® now offers expanded lab-scale testing services for the recycling industry. Learn more here!

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Eriez® 76 Series Vibratory Feeders Offer a Proven Solution for the Largest and Most Challenging Application Requirements

Over the past three years, the 76 Series Vibratory Feeder has demonstrated success in operations across various and diverse industries. Learn more here.

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Secretary Manderino Continues 'Jobs that Pay' Tour in Northwestern Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry Secretary Kathy Manderino visited Eriez as part of the ‘Jobs that Pay’ tour/ Read more here.

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New Spare Parts Kits for Compact Vibratory Feeders

Eriez offers spare parts kits for various light- and medium-duty vibratory feeders. Read more here.

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New Eriez® Ultra High-Frequency Eddy Current Separator Recovers Copper and Other Nonferrous Fines from ASR

Eriez designed the UHF Eddy Current Separator with the highest standards to ensure trouble-free operation and long service life.

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Eriez Invests $425K in New UK Rotor Manufacturing Site

Eriez said it plans to increase production capacity at the South Wales site by one third per year while working to promote global growth of the Eriez brand.

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Company Reviews
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Fresh Produce Free of Metal Contamination

By Ashley - 2012-12-04 08:38:52.687

Basciani takes special pride in that their Total Quality Assurance/HACCP scores are consistently in the upper 90 percentile range. “We need to make sure the products meet the Critical Control Points and are 100 percent safe right before they are shipped to the end user,” says Basciani Plant Manager Fred Recchiuti. “The Eriez E-Z Tec Metal Detectors play an important role in that process.”
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Eliminating Risk

By Tom- 2013-01-10 09:26:34.943

"With the installation of the Eriez X-Ray System, Ready Foods has taken steps to minimize their exposure and the risk of foreign objects in shipped products. The utilization of both Eriez Metal Detection equipment and X-Ray technology helps Ready Foods protect its brand name and provide their customers with safe, quality products." -Ready Foods
Was this helpful? Yes 1  person found this review useful

Great Solution

By David P. - 2013-02-18 12:22:24.677

Since installing Eriez T-Traps, Ahlstrom reports that there has been a significant amount of metallic product trapped before going to the refiners, therefore, cutting down on damage to the equipment and helping ensure product quality. Issues that were once a regular occurrence are now a thing of the past.
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ProSort Operated Flawlessly

By Craig S- 2013-03-21 16:05:00.483

ProSort operated flawlessly with none of the problems associated with an air sorter. It ran in gritty wind, rain, sleet, snow and ice. In fact, after seeing firsthand the outstanding performance and results the prototype unit offered, Liberty ordered an 84-inch unit to replace the 26-inch prototype machine after only eight months of operation.-Liberty Iron & Metal LLC
Was this helpful? Yes  person found this review useful

Great Success

By Diana N- 2013-04-26 11:55:39.833

Immediately after replacing the old magnet with the APL-154, Custom Engineering began to see an increase in production and a decrease in injuries. Besides reduced back pain, operators can also move scrap and parts more quickly. Due in part to the great success Custom Engineering experienced with the APL-154, the company decided to replace lifting magnets in other areas of their operation with Eriez Lifting Magnets as well. -Custom Engineering
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Great Return on Investment

By Ashley - 2013-05-28 15:36:28.417

The return on investment for IPL has been outstanding. Management estimates that they have cleaned about 160,000 lbs. of material (which sells for roughly $1.00 /lb.) that would otherwise have been wasted. Incorporating the PolyMag Process not only positively impacts IPL’s bottom line, but also furthers the company’s mission to reduce its impact on the environment. -IPL Incorporated
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Eriez has helped us

By Tom- 2013-08-20 11:30:36.970

According to New Ulm Steel & Recycling management, after fine-tuning the Eriez scrap drums, they are down to a 1/2 percent loss in ferrous. Josh Luneburg, the second generation owner of New Ulm, explains that since the company doesn’t have the market share to be a high volume player, they’re trying to do the exact opposite in the industry: low volume and high, good margin. He states, “The more you can recover, the more profit you can make. However, you need to have the supporting equipment to do it. We believe the Eriez scrap drums are helping us do just that.
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