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  • Castle Rock, CO

    Master Magnetics (The Magnet Source™) is a leading manufacturer of magnetic strips and related products used in thousands of lifting, positioning, holding, separating, retrieving and material handling applications. Our company also custom designs & fabricates to your magnetic needs. We provide magnetic products for the needs of industrial, OEM, POP & retail customers worldwide.

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    We are one of the largest magnet sales companies in the world! We use only the best magnetic suppliers, and only order our magnets from the highest quality manufacturers in the world! We offer a large selection of magnet products for our customers, including magnetic strips, alnico magnets, and more! Visit our website to learn more!

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  • Valparaiso, IN

    Alliance LLC is one of the world's largest distributors of magnetic assemblies. We serve huge industries like the consumer, industrial, automotive, and military industries, so we are well equipped to meet your needs. Give us a call today!

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  • Highland, MI

    MPI has the experience to design and build any magnetic conveyor or nonmagnetic conveyor that is commercially manufactured, from beltless magnetic conveyors to trough-belt conveyor systems. MPI systems handle a variety of applications and perform reliably in even the roughest environments such as those found in the recycling, mining or aggregate industries. MPI vibratory feeders are available as stand-alone components or as total material handling, storage, metering and conveying solutions.

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  • Hicksville, NY

    Viona Magnets is a leading manufacturer and supplier of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies for fabrication and distribution. We can offer recommendations for your particular application based on our years of experience, and select the appropriate magnetic material for you. Many standard parts are available in stock for immediate release.

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Magnetic Therapy

Alternative medicine techniques are certainly increasing in popularity these days. We are a society of exploring and experimenting with different techniques and options so it comes as no surprise that there are developments and experiments in the medical field as well. There are specific medical buildings dedicated to each unique technique, ranging from acupuncture to meditation. One alternative medicine technique that is rapidly gaining attention is magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy is a medical process that involves the use of static magnetic fields to treat pain and other ailments. People who... Read More

Magnets: How Opposites Attract

Opposites attract throughout nature, whether it is in human relationships or animal instincts or how metallic structures connect. The way that magnets work is a perfect example of how opposites attract, as is the relationship between my parents. My hippie mother who hates to clean and loves to go with the flow is still attracted to and very much in love with my Type A father who likes a pristine home and never stops talking. In terms of human attraction, it takes work to maintain a relationship between two opposites.... Read More

The Conforming Powers of Magnetic Strips

Conformity is a social structure as well as a word that refers to how well certain industrial or commercial products are able to adjust when being combined with other products or surfaces. Both uses of the word have the same essence, although one is philosophical while the other is practical. Conformity within society refers to a person molding themselves to fit into a social group that they would not normally fit in if they let their personalities develop independently of other people's opinions. Industrial products such as magnetic strips epitomize... Read More

Eriez® Introduces New Rare Earth Roll Conveyor to Reliably Recover and Concentrate Stainless Steel

Eriez® will unveil its innovative new Rare Earth Roll Conveyor at the 2016 Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) trade show. This revolutionary product allows customers to reliably recover and concentrate stainless steel from one of two material streams: “Zurik” conductive fraction from a fines -1” sensor sorting machine or waste fraction (drops) from a fines -1” eddy current separator. “For wire chopping facilities, this new Rare Earth Roll Conveyor is a game-changer,” says Mike Shattuck, Market Manager-Metals Recycling.  “It is the most effective solution offered today for removing... Read More

New Eriez® White Paper Highlights Magnetic Separation Techniques to Improve Grinding Efficiency

Erie, PA---Eriez® announces the release of its newest white paper for the minerals processing industry, “Magnetic Separation Techniques to Improve Grinding Circuit Efficiency –2014.” This informative piece offers an in-depth exploration of how Trunnion Magnets provide tremendous cost savings by efficiently separating and removing balls and broken ball pieces typically used for ore processing in ball/SAG mill operations. The white paper--written by Jose Marin, Eriez Director of Materials and Minerals Processing--specifically focuses on a few of the 150 Trunnion Magnet installations around the globe. It describes the application/circuit location and... Read More

Fridge magnet has high tech features to make electronic shopping lists

September 04, 2014 Magnetic strips on bank cards have revolutionized payment processes, but a new type of magnetic technology is helping customers track and shop for every day necessities. Payments and transactional services provider Worldline recently introduced a fridge magnet that has high tech abilities, including a feature allowing consumers to scan product barcodes to add items to their shopping lists automatically, NFC World+ reported. To enhance regular fridge magnets that are typically made of permanent magnets or other types, the Worldline fridge magnet called Connected Kitchen is built... Read More

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Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips are thin pieces of flexible magnetic rubber material that usually have an adhesive on one side and can conform to irregular or uneven surfaces that are magnetically receptive. The ability to conform to uneven surfaces is advantageous for many industries and applications in which heavy working and corrosive environments cause surface elements to deteriorate and lose their initial even perfection over time.

Magnetic strips are the most inexpensive type of magnetic shape and are typically manufactured from a mixture of ferrite magnet powder and rubber material, and are undergoing further forming by means of the extrusion process. These flexible strips come in large rolls and are used for a wide range of applications, particularly residential and commercial applications such as signs, refrigerator magnets, POP displays, craft supplies, trade show displays, markers and advertising boards. Also used for industrial applications such as in switches, manufactured products and sensory devices, magnetic strips provide noise and vibration dampening. In addition, magnetic strips are commonly utilized in sealing applications as well. For instance, latching, gaskets, door seals, shower and bathroom sealing and refrigerator door sealing are all accomplished with the use of magnetic rubber strips.

Magnetic strip are almost always manufactured with some sort of adhesive backing in order to better conform to the desired surface. Some common materials used for the adhesive backings on magnetic strips are acrylic-based adhesives, normal and foam, and rubber-based adhesives, craft, high-track and foam. The physical appearance of most basic strips of magnetic rubber is uncoated and a dark brown color. However, magnetic strips can be laminated on the non-magnetic side of the strip. In addition, they all have a weak and strong magnetic side, are cut easily, lightweight, are permanent magnets and, therefore, are reusable. For standard sizes of magnetic strips, their width ranges from .5 to 2 inches, while their thickness is anywhere from .03 to 1 inch thick. The most common thickness of magnetic strips is .6 inches, which provides enough strength for most strip applications. The adhesive backing may be foam or a pressure-sensitive backing material, that is rubber-based for indoor and craft applications, or acrylic-based, which adheres to plastics and vinyl for both indoor and outdoor uses. Some magnetic strips have a vinyl outer coating, which provides a wide range of color options. Steel backing also provides more bonding strength.

Magnetic Strips
Magnetic Strips
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