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  • Sag Harbor, NY 800-724-5952

    Our company is known for being a catalyst of innovation and we love to pass our expertise down to our customers. We have the background to successfully create your magnetic coils and we promise to deliver your items on time. These products are essential for various applications and you can trust our coils to proficiently function. We are your #1 source for magnetic coils. All of our products adhere to extensive testing to ensure maximum satisfaction.

  • Antigo, WI 800-826-9741

    Our engineers have the expertise to create magnetic coils that are perfect for your applications. We have the capabilities to make coils in three phase for 250 KVA or single phase for 75 KVA. These coils can have frequencies from 50/60 HZ to 400 HZ. Our company offers excellent service and we watch your orders so you don’t have to. From the initial contact through after-sale support; we will assist you every step of the way!

  • Tacoma, WA 253-324-3044

    PolyTech Coil Winding consistently meets the prototype and production needs of companies developing products for inertial navigation equipment, earthquake detection seismometers, virtual reality headsets, MRI coils, bioengineering implants, transformers, musical instruments and the list goes on. We custom design and fabricate any electric coils for domestic and international companies.

  • Schiller Park, IL 847-671-1333

    Communication Coil, Inc. has been designing and producing high reliability Filter Networks, RF Coils, Chokes, Inductors, Baluns, Toroids, Toroidal Transformers and Power Magnetics since 1944 to high-exacting standards for communications and signal processing in military, industrial, avionics, satellite, telemetry, marine, GPS and commercial applications.

  • South Haven, MI 269-637-5201

    South Haven Coil has been manufacturing superior quality electromagnetic products since 1957,all made 100% in the USA. We are one of the nation's leading quality electromagnet manufacturer's.Specializing in electromagnets, wire harnesses & termination, molded coil assemblies,potted coils, bobbin-wound coils, toroids,laminated & ferrite transformers.We strive to deliver dock-to-stock components, on time and within budget.

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Magnetic Coils

Magnetic coils, which can also be referred to as electromagnetic coils or simply just coils, include all types of electrical coils that operate based on the principle of induction. While there are many different kinds of conductive metals, the most popular types in coils are copper, silver (although an expensive option) and aluminum.

A magnetic coil consists of a series of loops formed from a conductive metal wire, meaning it has the ability to transmit heat, sound or electricity. It then winds around a core or other form. Although the combination of sound and electricity and sound and heat conductivity are not generally characteristics of the same metallic materials, electricity and heat conductivity typically are. Magnetic coils are widely used components, particularly in industries such as: automotive, in the ignition systems of internal combustion engines for vehicles such as cars, sports utility vehicles and vans, much like ignition coils; industrial manufacturing, in powering essential components such as electric transformers and vacuum tubes, electronics, for devices such as radio transmitters as well as the flashing lights in cameras and strobe lights; and medical, for imaging equipment such as x-ray machines as well as therapy equipment, which are also powered by high voltage coils.

A magnetic coil consists of a core and windings, of which there is generally a primary and a secondary winding. A winding is defined as a complete coil assembly with taps and all, and is a common characteristic of most electric coils. The primary winding is typically made from a much thicker piece of conductive metal wiring than that of the secondary wiring, as well as having much fewer turns than the secondary. The use of both a primary and secondary winding in an electromagnetic component enables it to transfer electrical energy from one electric circuit to another electric circuit by means of a magnetic coupling with no moving parts. The core that the windings are wrapped around is typically cylindrically-shaped, although it can also be doughnut-shaped for toroidal coils, and is made from one of three materials: solid iron, solid steel or powdered iron. Powdered iron can be used in addition to solid iron or solid steel in order to increase the toughness of the core. These materials are all ferromagnetic, meaning that the metals demonstrate a high level of magnetism. The magnetism of the core aids in the current flow from the coils through the principle of induction, which is the production of an electromotive force through variance of the magnetic flux linked with the circuit.
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