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  • Sag Harbor, NY 800-724-5952

    Through engineering and design integration, Sag Harbor Industries is able to make their production methods and quality assurance join together with your in-house expertise. From there, they will help to manufacture you products faster, better and more economically than ever! For your next order of solenoid coils, be sure to contact the company you can depend on!

  • Antigo, WI 800-826-9741

    We are a leading supplier of solenoid coils. Our customer service team has implemented various inspection processes to ensure top levels of satisfaction. These pre-tested items are functional and can be incorporated with many applications. These world-class items are vital to the growth of your business and we pay extra attention when manufacturing the critical parts involved with solenoid coils. Give us a call today to learn more!

  • Tacoma, WA 253-324-3044

    PolyTech Coil Winding consistently meets the prototype and production needs of companies developing products for inertial navigation equipment, earthquake detection seismometers, virtual reality headsets, MRI coils, bioengineering implants, transformers, musical instruments and the list goes on. We custom design and fabricate any electric coils for domestic and international companies.

  • Schiller Park, IL 847-671-1333

    Communication Coil, Inc. has been designing and producing high reliability Filter Networks, RF Coils, Chokes, Inductors, Baluns, Toroids, Toroidal Transformers and Power Magnetics since 1944 to high-exacting standards for communications and signal processing in military, industrial, avionics, satellite, telemetry, marine, GPS and commercial applications.

  • South Haven, MI 269-637-5201

    South Haven Coil has been manufacturing superior quality electromagnetic products since 1957,all made 100% in the USA. We are one of the nation's leading quality electromagnet manufacturer's.Specializing in electromagnets, wire harnesses & termination, molded coil assemblies,potted coils, bobbin-wound coils, toroids,laminated & ferrite transformers.We strive to deliver dock-to-stock components, on time and within budget.

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Solenoid Coils

Solenoid coils, also referred to as solenoids, are three-dimensional loops, or coils, of wire that have been wrapped around a metallic core, and function to provide a magnetic field when an electric current is passed through the coil. Thus, through becoming an electromagnet, meaning that its magnetic field is produced by an electrical current flow, the solenoid coil serves to convert electrical energy into linear motion.

Highly popular electrical components, solenoid coils are electrical coils used in almost every industry for applications such as: transmission, clutch systems, seat belt locks, fuel control and more in the automotive industry; medical imaging, ventilation, pill dispensing and apparatuses in the medical and pharmaceutical industries; packaging and processing applications for the food and beverage industry; planting and fertilizing equipment in the agricultural industry; and material handling, control, positioning and processing applications in the industrial manufacturing industry. Solenoid coils are also utilized in industries such as postal, printing, security, construction, office equipment, appliances and more. Since solenoid coils are necessary for such a wide range of applications, they can come in standard designs or they can be customized coils in order to better-suit the intended application.

Solenoid coils consist of two main parts: the coiled wire and the metallic core. The coiled wire is most commonly formed from insulated or enameled copper or copper alloys, whereas the metallic core is typically formed from solid or powdered iron but can also be formed from steel or stainless steel. It is crucial that the metallic core is made from ferromagnetic materials, substances that are able to concentrate the magnetic lines of flux and increase the inductance of the coil. As a result, when the electrical current flows in the coil, the majority of the resulting magnetic flux will exist within the core material. The minority of the flux that is outside the core material will near the ends of the core or off to the side. In addition, there are two main types of solenoid coils: linear solenoid coils and rotary solenoid coils. The most significant difference between the two types of solenoid coils is that linear solenoid coils convert electrical energy into linear motion, whereas rotary solenoid coils convert electrical energy into rotational motion. Also, while linear solenoid coils will reference the force exerted by the coil, rotary solenoid coils will reference the torque exerted by the coil.

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Solenoid Coils – Sag Harbor Industries
Solenoid Coils – Sag Harbor Industries
Solenoid Coils – Sag Harbor Industries