Motion Control Product Manufacturers and Companies

Motion Control

Motion control is the action of directing or determining the way in which a part or machine changes position or place. Motion control products provide an effective means of gaining control over many manufacturing, processing and material handling applications. Many motion control systems utilize computer numerical control, or CNC, motion control to allow for automated industrial processes. Some examples of commonly utilized motion controllers include speed reducers, linear actuators, fractional horsepower motors, ball bearings, rubber rollers and gas springs. Although many of these products can be used in various ways, some motion controls are most apt to specific applications. For instance, ball screws are specifically designed for applications that require extreme precision and efficiency. Motion control components are essential to industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, construction, commercial, medical, electronics and more.

Air Cylinder Manufacturers

Pneumatic Air Cylinders – Humphrey Products CompanyAir cylinders, also known as pneumatic cylinders, use compressed air to move objects. These cylinders are comprised of a shaft, a rod, and a plunger. The plunger is attached to one end of the rod and is contained within the shaft of the cylinder. When compressed air is pumped into the shaft, the air presses against the plunger and causes the rod to extend out of the shaft. The rod is then retracted using compressed air or springs. Air cylinders are commonly used in the metal working, automotive, mining, and food processing industries as well as many others.

Leading Air Cylinder Manufacturers

Fabco-Air, Inc.
Gainesville, FL | 352-373-3578

Cylinders & Valves, Inc.
Strongsville, OH | 440-238-7343

Camozzi Pneumatics, Inc.
McKinney, TX | 972-548-8885

Controlled Fluids, Inc.
Beaumont, TX | 800-722-2630

Crankshaft Machine Group
Jackson, MI | 517-841-4063

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Ball Valve Manufacturers

3 Way Ball Valves – Burkert Fluid Control Systems In situations where a stop valve with simply on/off capabilities are required many will turn to a device known as a ball valve. This type of valve is engineered to have a ball in the middle of the valve which either blocks the flow or allows the substance to pass through. Ball valves are designed to handle many types of materials such as liquids, gases, and suspended solids. Ball valves can also be manufactured from stainless steel, brass, plastic, cast iron and more.

Leading Ball Valve Manufacturers

Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Irvine, CA | 800-325-1405

A-T Controls, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH | 513-247-5465

Asahi/America Inc.
Lawrence, MA | 800-343-3618

BNL Industries, Inc.
Vernon, CT | 860-870-6222

Cameron - A Schlumberger Company
Houston, TX | 281-499-8511

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Electric Motor Manufacturers

Electric Motors – Electric Motor SolutionsElectric motors are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. These motors are comprised of electric coils and magnets. The electromagnetic interactions between the coils and magnets produce mechanical forces which can be utilized to power many different kinds of devices and machinery. There are many different kinds of electric motors including DC motors, AC motors, universal motors, servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors, and many others. These different electric motors are used in a broad range of applications like in powering hard drives, household appliances, and power tools.

Leading Electric Motor Manufacturers

Electric Motor Solutions
Mankato, MN | 612-746-7624

BEI Kimco Magnetics
Vista, CA | 800-572-7560

ARC Systems, Inc.
Hauppauge, NY | 800-893-3649

Dumore Corporation
Mauston, WI | 888-467-8288

WEG Electric Corp.
Duluth, GA | 800-275-4934

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Friction Materials Manufacturers

Brake Shoes – ProTec Friction GroupFriction materials are products used to slow or inhibit movement, and they are used in many different types of machinery to control or stop processes. The two main criteria for good friction materials are a high coefficient of friction and good energy absorption. The coefficient of friction describes the roughness of a material, so a material with a high coefficient of friction is very rough and requires more energy to move along its surface. Frictional forces generate excessive heat, so it is also important that frictional materials be able to absorb this extra heat energy to prevent damage to the system. Friction materials are used extensively in braking and clutch systems which are essential in automotive equipment and industrial machinery.

Leading Friction Materials Manufacturers

Cook Bonding & Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Cleveland, OH | 800-626-6540

ProTec Friction Group
Mount Kisco, NY | 914-244-3600

Troy, MI | 248-435-1000

Phoenix Friction Products, Inc.
Woodbridge, ON | 800-446-7851

SI Group
Schenectady, NY | 518-347-4200

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Linear Actuator Manufacturers

12 Volt Linear Actuator – Burr Engineering & Development CompanyElectroless nickel (EN) plating is an auto-catalytic chemical reaction that results in a layer of nickel alloy, typically nickel-phosphorus or nickel-boron, to be deposited onto a solid substrate like a metal or plastic workpiece. A reducing agent, such as hydrated sodium hypophosphite, is crucial to the electroless nickel plating process because it reacts with the metal ions and allows for the nickel to be deposited.

Leading Linear Actuator Manufacturers

Del-Tron Precision, Inc.
Bethel, CT | 800-245-5013

Burr Engineering & Development Company
Battle Creek, MI | 800-537-9940

Tusk Direct, Inc.
Bethel, CT | 800-447-2042

BEI Kimco Magnetics
Vista, CA | 800-572-7560

Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation
Pittsburg, CA | 888-580-8272

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Linear Bearing Manufacturers

Slide Bearings – Del-Tron Precision, Inc.Linear bearings are often used when an object is moved along a straight line with high precision in an industrial or manufacturing setting. The object being moved on the linear bearings generally only needs to be moved in one direction, which makes the function and design of these linear bearings simple. The movement is produced with a high amount of repetition and fluidity.

Leading Linear Bearing Manufacturers

Del-Tron Precision, Inc.
Bethel, CT | 800-245-5013

Tusk Direct, Inc.
Bethel, CT | 800-447-2042

Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation
Pittsburg, CA | 888-580-8272

MMB Bearings
Mooresville, NC | 800-526-2353

Northlake Steel Corporation
Valley City, OH | 888-278-4682

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Linear Slide Manufacturers

XY Tables – Del-Tron Precision, Inc.Linear slides are devices used to allow free movement along a single axis. These devices consist of two main components: the plane and the rolling element. The plane typically consists of a fixed plane and a sliding plane, and ball bearings or roll bearings comprise the rolling element which lies between the two planes. The bearings allow the sliding plane to move easily with little friction. These devices are utilized in many kinds of machinery to push, pull, or position materials or tools, and multiple slides can be used to allow motion in several different directions. For example, XY tables utilize motorized linear slides to move objects left and right as well as forward and back.

Leading Linear Slide Manufacturers

Del-Tron Precision, Inc.
Bethel, CT | 800-245-5013

Tusk Direct, Inc.
Bethel, CT | 800-447-2042

Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation
Pittsburg, CA | 888-580-8272

Velmex, Inc.
Bloomfield, NY | 800-642-6446

General Devices Co., Inc.
Indianapolis, IN | 317-897-7000

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