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Motion control is the action of directing or determining the way in which a part or machine changes position or place. Motion control products provide an effective means of gaining control over many manufacturing, processing and material handling applications. Able to provide precision motion control in the form of rotational or linear motion control, many motion control systems utilize computer numerical control or CNC motion control in order to allow for automated industrial motion control. Some examples of commonly utilized motion controllers include speed reducers, linear actuators, fractional horsepower motors, ball bearings, rubber rollers and gas springs. Although many of these products can be used in various ways, some motion controls are most apt to specific applications. For instance, as a type of motion controller, rubber rollers are most often used for material handling applications in equipment such as roller conveyors. As a product category, motion control components are essential to industries including automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, construction, commercial, medical, electronics and more.

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