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  • Walker, MI

    We invented the AGV in 1954 and offer the most affordable & versatile AGV capabilities. Our AGVs automatically transport pallets, racks, bins, totes, rolls, boxes, racks, etc. in all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Our tape/target/structure-free, ‘virtual path’ navigation requires no floor path maintenance and does not use/require line-of-sight to often blocked building wall references. We are an ISO 9001-certified, US company. Contact us for concepting & budgeting assistance.

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  • Charlotte, NC

    America in Motion was founded in 2007 with a mission to bring customized automated vehicle designs and solutions to the masses. Serving customers in the fibers, paper, automotive, food, consumer products, heavy equipment, and general manufacturing. Our team specializes in fully customizable AGVs but also offers the option to build an automated vehicle by using a simplified modular approach (also known as eBOT).

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  • Hanover, MD

    With over 1700 mobile robotics deployed worldwide and with over 30 million miles accumulated, Oceaneering Mobile Robotics (OMR) delivers best-in-class solutions with the lowest total cost without sacrificing performance. For over 30 years, OMR has been a trusted partner of exclusive brands in the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and (intra-) logistics industries.

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  • New Baltimore, MI

    Invio Automation is a leading comprehensive AGV, AMR, and robotics integrator with 10 engineering and support sites throughout North America. We specialize in heavyweight and assembly line applications.

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  • Plymouth, MI

    For over 30 years, companies have turned to RedViking for ways to increase throughput and minimize infrastructure. We are a leading AGV manufacturer, and our AGVs are efficient and user-friendly. Our AGV solutions are cleaner, more sustainable, and require less infrastructure than traditional conveyance methods. We can provide full custom design tooling for your AGV so it meets every requirement of your production process. Choose RedViking for innovative solutions!

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  • Telford, PA

    Fred Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are built for manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse facilities to improve worker productivity and safety around materials movement, especially Point A to Point B workflows. Barcoding, Inc. designs, manufacturers, and supports the production of our robotics solutions in our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office. Please contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a demo.

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  • Dimondale, MI

    IDC Corporation produces a line of Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) for various industrial applications, including standard product line carts and custom-designed systems tailored to specific customer needs. The various models are built on a common control architecture that support various mechanical configurations, and support operations ranging from simple delivery loops to sophisticated multi-destination routes with “Dispatch” bits that allow the units to dynamically navigate at run-time based on simple user destination selections.

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  • Chesterfield, MO

    Align specializes in heavy-duty, highly customized AGVs with capacities reaching over 1,000,000 lbs. Engineers work with you to develop a custom system that fits your unique application and facility needs. Align has been working with Fortune 500 companies since 1967 to make manufacturing inefficiencies a thing of the past and propel them into the future with AGV technology.

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Self Guided Vehicles Industry Information

Self Guided Vehicles

Self guided vehicles are computer-controlled transportation units that perform applications without any sort of human direction or control.

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Applications of Self Guided Vehicles

Used increasingly in place of fork lifts, conveyor systems and manual push-carts, automatic guided vehicles provide high volumes of movement, especially for repetitive and continuous processes.

Self guided vehicles are used in many industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive Assembly
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Mail Service
  • Assembly
  • Newspaper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastic Manufacturing and Storage

Some self guided vehicles are designed for use in specific environments, such as those used in clean room processes and operations. These electric battery powered vehicles are useful in indoor applications where no sudden or essential decisions are made that cannot be done by automated machinery.

Self Guided Vehicle Design and Customization

There are a number of different AGV systems that can be adjusted according to a manufacturer’s needs based on their products and what kind of self guided vehicle would be most useful. Fixed path guidance systems use embedded wire, magnetic tape, or strips of paint to guide the autonomous guided vehicle along a predetermined and set path. The vehicle uses an antenna and radio frequencies to stay on the correct route, as the wire paths have frequencies or currents running through them that an antenna on the vehicle follows. More commonly found today, however, are computer-based free range systems, which bring the added advantage of route flexibility. Computer software is used to program the vehicles, which are then able to use internal navigation, often combined with laser scanners and targets, to move around a factory or warehouse floor. There are also inertial guidance vehicles, which have a gyroscope that maintains the path by directions from a computer control system.

Depending on the specific application for which a vehicle is to be used, self guided vehicles range significantly in construction and shape. They may have a towing mechanism, room for unit or pallet loading, fork lifts, and space for light loads or components needed in assembly lines like robotic arms. Light load vehicles can be used for small parts distribution and assembly, while much larger vehicles, such as towing vehicles, can be used for moving heavy and cumbersome loads.

Benefits of Using Self Guided Vehicles

While they may be considered a high initial investment, self guided vehicles reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, and provide safer working environments. They are able to work around-the-clock, improving the operational flow and greatly increasing output production rates. Furthermore, these vehicles eliminate the risk of bumping, crashes, and collisions, which are often a cause for concern with worker-controlled machines and vehicles.

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