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  • Will AGV Drive Us Soon?

    No one is perfect and as a result, human error occurs. Therefore, automated systems have been invented to correct some of our faults as the human race. However, automatic guided vehicles (AGV) are a fairly new concept, only being around since 1953, invented by Berrett Electronics, located in Northbrook Illinois. Initially, AGV technology has only been available to the industrial world, inside of warehouses and factories. Since then AGV manufactures have seen this niche and have jumped on board in all industries that AGV technology is applicable. AGV manufacturers now...

  • Parallel Parking: The Bane of Most Drivers

    Parallel parking is the bane for most automobile drivers. Many people will go out of their way to avoid parallel parking. I'm referring to the spots where the actual five step parallel parking process is required. In my seven years of driving experience, I have successfully avoided parallel parking all together. I flunked the parallel parking section of my drivers test. I was just lucky I did well enough on the other sections to pass. Although most people dread parallel parking, those tricky parking spots aren't going away anytime soon....

  • Transbotics Named as 1 of 4 Finalists for the Best Innovation of an Existing Product at Promat ‘17

      Transbotics, a leading provider of material handling solutions since 1982, will display its automated solutions at Promat 2017, April 3-6 at McCormick Place in Chicago at booth #S-3626.       As a finalist for the Best Innovation of an Existing Product, Transbotics will be showcasing its Natural or Feature Navigation Automated Guided Vehicles featuring Kollmorgen controls. Natural Navigation meets the market’s need for high flexibility, shorter installation time, reducing costs and minimizing the effect on operations. With Natural Navigation, it is also easy to expand existing systems...

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Guided Vehicles

Guided vehicles are computer-controlled transportation units that perform applications without any sort of human direction or control. They are used for material handling and transportation applications and can be designed for sorting, storage, delivery or product assembly use. Guided vehicles, or automatic guided vehicles, reduce labor costs in manufacturing processes by providing high volumes of repetitive and tedious movements and actions with around the clock capabilities.

Cumbersome loads and heavy weights are able to be moved more efficiently by guided vehicles than by manual labor. Transfer cars and towing vehicles are two examples of vehicles in the guided vehicle family. Wide use of automated guided vehicles is found in industries such as food and beverage processing, mail and newspaper, general manufacturing, storage and packaging, aerospace and parts assembly. Typically powered by industrial strength batteries or by electricity, guided vehicles can range greatly in size and capability depending on their intended application. For lighter manufacturing processes such as light load transportation, electronic fabrication or small parts assembly and delivery, light load AGVs are ideal. Larger AGVs such as pallet loading trucks or automatic guided carts can be used for heavy load movement. Other processes may require guided vehicles such as material handling robots which have more complex capabilities than a simple towing car.

Despite the potentially high initial investment of installing an AGV system into a manufacturing plant, guided vehicles provide many benefits to a manufacturer. They reduce labor costs by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of operational procedures. Machines can work faster and longer than laborers can, and if programmed correctly are less likely to make errors. Furthermore, in terms of transportation and movement, automatic guided vehicles provide safer worker environments by reducing manual intervention in the process. Vehicles can be equipped with an infrared detection system, or a bumper system, which helps to reduce the damage potential of collisions. Free range AVG systems which are controlled by computer software and international navigation capabilities are able to adjust a vehicle’s route according to flow of traffic and possible obstructions, therefore making the factory floor a safer place to work. Guided vehicles are able to fit into small spaces, and work alongside employees in many applications. These electric battery powered vehicles are useful in indoor applications where no sudden or essential decisions are made that cannot be done by automated machinery and so will often still require the assistance of a traffic operator. However, these carts eliminate the risk of bumping, crashes and collisions and therefore have become popular alternatives to manually operated cart transports, conveyors and forklift trucks.

Guided Vehicles
Guided Vehicles
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