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  • Walker, MI 616-791-8540

    We invented the AGV in 1954 and offer the most affordable & versatile AGV capabilities. Our AGVs automatically transport pallets, racks, bins, totes, rolls, boxes, racks, etc. in all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Our tape/target/structure-free, ‘virtual path’ navigation requires no floor path maintenance and does not use/require line-of-sight to often blocked building wall references. We are an ISO 9001-certified, US company. Contact us for concepting & budgeting assistance.

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  • Dimondale, MI 517-648-6171

    IDC Corporation produces a line of Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) for various industrial applications, including standard product line carts and custom-designed systems tailored to specific customer needs. The various models are built on a common control architecture that support various mechanical configurations, and support operations ranging from simple delivery loops to sophisticated multi-destination routes with “Dispatch” bits that allow the units to dynamically navigate at run-time based on simple user destination selections.

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  • Telford, PA 610-420-2868

    Barcoding’s Fred is a simple, durable, and effective AGV that is easy to install, operate and maintain. Our specialty is automating processes that move goods from Point A to Point B. Our AGVs are designed to limit opportunities for downtime and expected to deliver a payback in less than 12 months. Fred’s technology is not intimidating, and results are tangible. Please contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a demo.

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Towing Vehicles Industry Information

Towing Vehicles

Also referred to as tuggers, towing vehicles are unmanned, computer-controlled transport vehicles that are capable of pulling one or more non-powered, wheel-based vehicles and are one of the most effective types of automatic guided vehicles. The non-powered vehicles, or carts, are attached behind the AGV in a train that is adjustable in terms of length and capacity.

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How Towing Vehicles Work

Towing vehicles work because an operator adds and removes the non-powered vehicles to/from the AGV vehicle at designated stops along a path. The vehicle’s route can navigate a basic loop or a more complicated preprogrammed pathway, but typical towing vehicles do not reverse, hence the need for a looping system.

Advantages of Towing Vehicles

They are often used in conjunction with other AGVs such as transfer cars or material handling robots. Towing vehicles allow workers to maneuver large numbers of carts that would not have been efficiently possible through manual labor. By creating a safer work environment as well as increased productivity, towing vehicles prove advantageous for industries such as metal processing, warehouse, automotive, food processing, agriculture, aerospace, construction, communications and military.

Types of Towing Vehicles

Common non-powered vehicles that are towed by towing vehicles include quad steer carts, wagon wheel style trailers, hospital carts, dollies, hand trucks, maintenance carts and more. Capable of transporting heavy loads, typically ranging from 8,000 – 50,000 lbs, towing vehicles are useful for applications such as heavy lifting, tugging or towing, load transferring, pallet loading and unloading and load positioning.

As the first AGV introduced on the market, towing vehicles are still highly popular automatic guided vehicles. Capable of navigating a guide path network that is flexible and easy to program, various navigation methods used on AGV towing vehicles include laser, camera, optical, inertial and wire guided systems.

Fixed Path for Towing Vehicles
These methods are generally divided into two categories: fixed path guidance systems where wire, tape or paint can be used as a physical guide path on the floor for guidance; and free-ranging, which have no physical pathway to guide them, making it easier to change towing vehicle pathways through computerized software.
In general, towing vehicles use a navigation method from one of the two categories for guidance. Most towing vehicles are equipped with onboard microprocessors as well as a supervisory control system which helps with various tasks, such as tracking and tracing modules and generating and/or distributing transport orders.
Free-Range for Towing Vehicles
Free-ranging towing vehicles such as laser guided towing vehicles have advanced navigation capabilities and are able to navigate around objects along a programmed path and avoid collisions independently using laser beam sensors. Towing vehicle manufacturers program tuggers for many different and useful maneuvers allowing for higher efficiency processes in the workplace. Some towing vehicles are designed for the use of an operator, but most operate independently.

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Preventative Maintenance for AGVs

Preventative maintenance (PM) for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) ensures top-level performance and consistency on the production line. By following the suggested PM, you are able to prevent costly, unplanned downtime. Because AGVs are a driverless, computer-controlled vehicle that uses the highest degree of complex routing and guidance navigation, it is imperative to avert any issues with preventative maintenance. When AGV’s do not have regular preventative maintenance checks performed, it can cause parts and components to break down or malfunction, which slows or stops production. Automatic Guided Vehicles that are properly... Read More About This

Transbotics Lowers AGV System Costs with New Software

  Charlotte, NC, April 4, 2018 — Transbotics will be unveiling new software that will be utilized during new installations. The new software will lower costs by making it easier to find layout information and will no longer need different tools to perform different layout tasks. All verification reports of the physical layout and finalized project steps are generated automatically. This will all help in decreasing the number of hours needed and increasing employee efficiency when creating AGV systems for customers This, in addition to Transbotics’ AGVs natural navigation capability,... Read More About This