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  • Walker, MI 616-791-8540

    We invented the AGV in 1954 and offer the most affordable & versatile AGV capabilities. Our AGVs automatically transport pallets, racks, bins, totes, rolls, boxes, racks, etc. in all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. Our tape/target/structure-free, ‘virtual path’ navigation requires no floor path maintenance and does not use/require line-of-sight to often blocked building wall references. We are an ISO 9001-certified, US company. Contact us for concepting & budgeting assistance.

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  • Charlotte, NC 704-246-3961

    America In Motion is your one stop shop for custom AGV systems. Using a 4 step process we can help your company Discover, Design, Build and Install your new AGV systems and equipment. Whatever type of system you are looking for our experienced and helpful team is ready to answer any question. We understand that many clients prefer to contact AIM on their own time so feel free to email, call or arrange a visit when you are ready!

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  • Pittsburgh, PA 412-379-4500

    Seegrid is the leading provider of connected self-driving vehicles for materials handling with hundreds of thousands of miles driven. The Seegrid Smart Platform combines flexible and reliable infrastructure-free vision guided vehicles with fleet management and enterprise intelligence data for a complete connected solution.

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  • Warren, MI 517-512-4233

    Leading the market in superior uptime with reliable autonomous material handling technologies. Products and services include autonomous guided vehicles, collaborative robots, 3D printing, and other Industry 4.0 technologies.

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  • Plymouth, MI 734-454-0500

    For over 30 years, companies have turned to RedViking for ways to increase throughput and minimize infrastructure. We are a leading AGV manufacturer, and our AGVs are efficient and user-friendly. Our AGV solutions are cleaner, more sustainable, and require less infrastructure than traditional conveyance methods. We can provide full custom design tooling for your AGV so it meets every requirement of your production process. Choose RedViking for innovative solutions!

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  • Hanover, MD 443-459-3916

    Oceaneering International is a worldwide leader in AGV technology. Our advanced AGV systems can drastically increase productivity, flexibility, and allow for full control of logistics in the most complex and dynamic applications. The AGV systems we provide are applicable to multiple industries that we serve, and we aim to use listening, experience, and curiosity to provide products that satisfy any requirement.

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  • Dimondale, MI 517-648-6171

    IDC Corporation produces a line of Automated Guided Carts (AGCs) for various industrial applications, including standard product line carts and custom-designed systems tailored to specific customer needs. The various models are built on a common control architecture that support various mechanical configurations, and support operations ranging from simple delivery loops to sophisticated multi-destination routes with “Dispatch” bits that allow the units to dynamically navigate at run-time based on simple user destination selections.

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  • Grass Valley, CA 800-458-6458

    We are your premier source for automatic guided vehicles! We have the capability and the know how to design, fabricate, install and integrate our products into your existing work site. We promise that we will work side by side with you in order to come up with a product that will perfectly suit your needs. For more information on what we may do for you, get in touch with our customer service representatives over telephone or email today!

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Automatic Guided Vehicles

Automatic guided vehicles are programmable robot vehicles that go by a variety of names, including AGVs, autonomous guided vehicles, guided vehicles, automated guided vehicles, self guided vehicles and self propelled vehicles. All of these computer-operated vehicles perform some variation of the same basic tasks, which are to handle and transport heavy material. Automatic guided vehicles are able to independently perform those movement tasks that would normally require heavy manual labor and/or continuous human supervision.

Many companies have come to rely on automatic guided vehicles to maintain smooth operations within the walls of their warehouses and facilities. In fact, because they facilitate so superior of processes, AGVs have come to largely replace more traditional material handling equipment like manual push carts, conveyor systems and forklift trucks. Cutting down on the time consumption that comes along with human error, distraction and fatigue, mandatory work breaks and possible injury, and replacing it with fast, around-the-clock work and high volumes of repetitive, error-free movements, AGV systems increase the productivity level of a facility tenfold. Also, on top of the aforementioned efficient movement and processes, automatic guided vehicles’ potential to increase efficiency grows again when one adds in their ability to be changed as needed and customized for specific needs. The follow of the flexibility that they provide to a facility cannot be understated.

The family of automatic guided vehicles is large. In addition to the names mentioned above, other types of AGVs include: automated guided carts, forked AGVs, tuggers, transfer cars, towing vehicles and material handling robots. Different AGVs have different capabilities and strengths and weaknesses. Automated guided carts, for example, can move the transport the most difficult loads with ease. They work well with large loads like aircraft parts. Towing vehicles, which are simpler in design, can also perform heavy pallet load transportation. However, they cannot assist in small product assembly. That type of work is reserved for material handling robots, which can be programmed to perform complex tasks. Guided vehicles, completely without need of human intervention, provide highly repetitive and reliable actions to the benefit of processes like tooling change, trailer loading and finished product handling.

Industries that benefit from the services of automated guided vehicles include: food and beverage processing, material and goods packaging, aerospace, plastics and metals, automotive, general manufacturing and mail and newspaper assembly. Manufacturers have the choice of choosing from the two main basic guidance systems for AGVs: fixed path guidance systems and free range systems. Fixed path guidance systems are the older of the two. They involve created a fixed path, mapped onto the ground for a vehicle to follow using embedded wire, colored paint or magnetic tape. While this system is generally reliable, it can prove to be somewhat inflexible and ill-suited to certain spaces. Instead of settling for a limited path, many manufacturers opt for free range guidance systems. Free range systems use computer software and inbuilt navigation to direct a vehicle around a building. Inbuilt navigation allows the vehicle to receive and process data concerning potential obstacles and/or traffic, and redirect itself accordingly. This cuts down significantly on factory floor collisions, leading to improved safety and work flow and even higher levels of efficiency.

Though computerized systems operate well on their own, they still require a traffic operator to oversee their movements, maintain control over them and make sure that neither a malfunction nor a breakdown occurs. Supervision is especially important in facilities and warehouses where several automatic guided vehicles are in use. To increase the fit of AGVs within a facility, engineers may add components to them that make them more closely fit certain specifications or requirements. They, for example, range widely in terms of size and load capacity. Some AGVs are built as light load vehicles for applications like parts assembly, electronic fabrication and light load transportation. On the other end of the spectrum, some AGVs are quite large and capable of moving heavy, several-ton pallet loads. Also, if the application calls for it, an AGV may be equipped with a bumper that will shield its body in the case of a collision. Or, it may have an infrared detection sensor to help it be more aware of its surroundings. Depending the application, automatic guided vehicles are generally either powered by an electric motor or industrial strength batteries.

For savings on labor costs, process time and worker fatigue, invest in automatic guided vehicles; for leaps in productivity, efficiency, work flow and profits, invest in automatic guided vehicles. If you’re not sure which vehicle system and/or guidance system is best for your application, call an AGV specialist. They will be more than willing to steer you in the right direction.

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Seegrid Secures $25M in Additional Financing

PITTSBURGH, PA–Seegrid, the pioneer and leader in vision-based autonomous industrial vehicles, announced today that the company has raised approximately $12M of equity capital from Giant Eagle, its majority shareholder, and several other existing and new investors, and has a commitment for an additional $13M from Giant Eagle. “Seegrid is poised to repeat its 100-percent revenue growth from last year,” said Jim Rock, Seegrid’s CEO. “Seegrid continues to expand its customer base, which currently includes leading global companies such as Whirlpool, Daimler, and Jaguar Land Rover. Our customers use Seegrid’s driverless... Read More