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"Manufacturing slowdown could be a headwind"
Seeking Alpha - Xometry: Starting To Hit A Wall, Short Term Not Looking Good

The $300 million purchase of Thomasnet would enable Xometry to expand both its buyer and seller bases. Xometry will expand the range of products it offers by including fintech and digital marketing items. This combines with the fact that it sells tools, which is unusual for a digital manufacturing marketplace, to make it a one-stop shop for products and services. Xometry is trying to become the Amazon of digital manufacturing. Additionally, Xometry provides raw materials and manufacturing equipment. The ongoing relationship of industrial buyers seeking sellers is undergoing some radical changes and these effects have some serious long run implications for American manufacturing. Xometry is making a serious attempt to change the dynamics of this relationship. It is critical to understand these two buying processes: Thomasnet connects buyers with sellers. Xometry controls & executes the transaction. The issue of how much control buyers will give to a second party and lose personal relationships will define the next generation of industrial buying.

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