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Thermal Product Solutions is a global engineering designer, manufacturer, and service provider of custom industrial ovens and laboratory ovens, furnaces, and environmental test chambers serving the defense, aerospace, electronics, biotech, medical, pharmaceutical, lab animal science, energy, transportation, communications, commercial heat treating, die casting, agriculture, and materials processing industries. Our brands include Baker Furnace, Blue M, Lindberg/MPH, Lunaire, Gruenberg, Tenney, and Wisconsin Oven. Our product lines accommodate a comprehensive range of applications and configurations to meet virtually every thermal processing need.

At TPS, we go above and beyond to deliver expert solutions. Our Innovation Centers in Out of Autoclave Composite Curing, Lab Animal Science Sterilizers, Battery Test Chambers, and Controllers, as well as our robust equipment-manufacturing portfolio and expert Engineering Design Solutions, make TPS an ideal partner in thermal processing innovation. TPS has extensive experience with the design and manufacture of complex systems including product automation. This gives them the ability to work with customers on the most complicated systems and meet stringent design requirements.


Stony Brook University Research Shows Positive Results Using Gruenberg Dry Heat Sterilizer on PPE

TPS partnered with Stony Brook University to prove the efficacy of dry heat sterilization on protective masks...

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Thermal Product Solutions Ships Gruenberg Truck-in Oven to a Government Agency

The Gruenberg Class A truck-in-oven, capable of processing up to 0.75 liters of solvents per hour, has been shipped to a government agency...

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Thermal Product Solutions Ships Class “A” Pharmaceutical Dryer for Emerging Technology

Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, designed a Pharmaceutical Dryer ideal for emerging technology...

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Thermal Product Solutions Ships Clean Room Conveyor Oven Used in the Production of Glass Vials for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Thermal Product Solutions, LLC (TPS), a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, has designed a custom industrial oven that cures a thin coating onto glass vials used in the pharmaceutical industry....

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Thermal Product Solutions Ships Industrial Truck-In Oven Used For Removing Moisture from Diesel Truck Exhaust Filters

Custom designed for a leading manufacturer of diesel engines, the Gruenberg industrial truck- in oven removes moisture from diesel truck exhaust filters after they have undergone a “green” cleaning process to remove particulate matter....

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Blue M Announces New, Two-Year Warranty on Most Products Shipped within the US

Blue M, an industry leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and after-market support of industrial lab ovens, and light-industrial furnaces...

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New industrial oven with “pill pushing” robotic gantry precisely removes excess moisture from 3D-printed pharmaceuticals

Thermal Product Solutions has designed an industrial oven that can remove moisture from 3D-printed pharmaceuticals....

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