Specialty Tapes Manufacturing (STM)

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Thirty years of technical coating experience sets STM apart from many other tape suppliers. STM has a focused range of double-coated, single-coated and adhesive transfer tapes for the demanding applications in the industrial, automotive, electronics, framing, sign and award markets. Applications include bonding, laminating, mounting, splicing, masking, surface protection, bundling, and shielding. Our ability to coat on a broad range of adhesives and substrates provides solution to special applications. Products are provided in large roll formats for automated applications or in ATG tape formats for manual application with an ATG (automated tape gun) handgun.

Unique electronics products, such as anti-static tapes, provide static dissipative properties for electrical grounding, as well as high-temperature surface protection. Surface protection tapes are widely used for protection on mobile electronic devices to prevent surface contamination and scratches. Polyimide or Kapton single coated and double coated tapes are used for high temperature bonding and assembly. Differential adhesive, double coated tapes are coated with a silicone adhesive on side one and an acrylic adhesive on side two; their unique properties permanently bond materials, such as silicone key pads to mobile devices.

Industrial specialty tapes include silicone adhesive tapes for splicing, powder coating and high temperature bonding applications. Fiberglass tapes provide extreme abrasion and temperature resistance for wire harness and equipment wrapping applications. UHMW tapes are available in 2, 5 and 10 mil thicknesses and are used to eliminate squeaks, rattles and abrasion; they also provide a wear resistant surface. Foam tapes and mounting tapes offer permanent bonds, along with gap filling properties, and are available with acrylic, polyurethane and polyethylene foams, coated with acrylic or rubber pressure sensitive adhesives. Visit our website or contact us today for more information!

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