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Seegrid combines infrastructure-free vision guided vehicles, fleet management software, and actionable analytics for a complete, connected, material handling solution. Seegrid Vision navigation technology is reliable, flexible, and proven with millions of autonomous production miles driven and zero personnel safety incidents. Manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics companies around the world leverage Seegrid smart automation solutions. With Seegrid’s best-in-class service and support that extends from project design through deployment and training, material flow is both safe and optimized, accelerating Industry 4.0 initiatives today and into the future.

Seegrid vision guided vehicles (VGVs) navigate using cameras, sophisticated algorithms, and machine learning to deliver the most reliable autonomous navigation system on the market. Seegrid VGVs are infrastructure-free, which means they do not require physical substructures to operate, such as cables, tracks, magnets, or reflectors. VGVs take commands from Seegrid Supervisor fleet management software. Monitor, control, and continuously improve your operation with a connected solution that supports your unique workflows and ensures consistent delivery of goods.

Seegrid VGVs are built for rapid deployment and flexibility. Users can easily train and retrain one or many vehicles, because routes are saved and can be shared. VGVs can be deployed in minutes to different functions or shifts while production is running without the assistance of Seegrid engineers.

Leading global brands trust Seegrid to provide the best solutions for automating material flow in their facilities: increasing throughput productivity, improving employee and facility safety, reducing labor and operation costs, creating human-machine partnerships, driving continuous improvement, and advancing innovation initiatives.

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Seegrid Closes $52 Million in Growth Equity Financing

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