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Seegrid is the leading provider of connected self-driving vehicles for materials handling with hundreds of thousands of miles driven. The Seegrid Smart Platform combines flexible and reliable infrastructure-free vision guided vehicles with fleet management and enterprise intelligence data for a complete connected solution.

Seegrid vehicles see the world just like humans do. Their eyes capture and build a detailed, 360 degree map of the world around them. When something in their environment changes, VGVs continue working, confident in their path. Laser-guided vehicles have a limited view of the world, making them unreliable in dynamic environments. Changing inventory or production line relocation can cause laser-guided vehicles to stop delivering goods, halting throughput, and causing you tens of thousands of dollars in downtime.

Unlike old AGV technology, Seegrid self-driving vehicles are built for flexibility. Our solution gives you the power to retrain routes in-house without Seegrid engineers, and the option to operate in manual mode when needed. When processes change, deploy your VGVs in minutes to different functions or shifts, and effortlessly scale your fleet as you grow.

Manufacturing and distribution companies like Whirlpool, Daimler, and Jaguar Land Rover put Seegrid to work. VGVs increase throughput productivity, improve safety, and reduce labor and operating costs, but Seegrid provides more than self-driving vehicles. Seegrid Supervisor, a connected fleet management and enterprise data intelligence tool, monitors, controls, and optimizes your operations—seamlessly orchestrating material transport.

When you work with Seegrid, our team becomes your team.



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