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Reliable EDM began in 1986, and was built following the biblical principle of Golden Rule Thinking: do to others as you want them to do to you. By providing quality, service, and value to its customers, they have become the largest EDM job shop in North America with over 85 EDM machines. Discover for yourself Reliable EDM's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our table load for our largest ram EDM is 66,000 pounds. Maximum electrode weight is 3,106 pounds. Work tank size: x 6.6 feet, y 10.5 feet, and z 53 inches(Larger than a ping pong table). Tank Holds 35,000 gallons of oil: 63 barrels of oil (55 gallon container). We have CNC and manual small hole EDMs. Maximum weight: 5,000 pounds. Some have been modified to cut tall and large parts.

Because of the precision and high-speed of wire EDM machines, manufacturers are increasingly discovering that many parts can be more economically produced with wire EDM, rather than with conventional machining. The constant reliability of wire EDM is one of the great advantages of this machining process. Today's high-speed cutting wire EDM machines have dramatically reduced costs for many manufactured parts. The wire path is controlled by a CNC computer-generated program with part accuracies up to +/- .0001” (.0025mm).

Reliable EDM features the widest variety of EDM capabilities of all job shops in North America. We specialize in wire EDM, ram EDM and small hole EDM. Our around the clock operations provide you with fast service. We serve a wide range of industries including oil, medical, defense, aerospace, automotive, electronics, tools and molds. Call us today for more information.

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