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Recycling Today is a monthly magazine that provides broad coverage of the recycling industry and offers a depth of market and commodity information, along with news, technology developments and profiles of recycling companies and consumers of recyclables. Our site is host to industry news stories that affect your business, industry tools including pricing and buyers' guides, directories, maps, and lists. Subscribe to our magazine to have our content delivered directly to your door or visit our website to access our directories and guides We are the flagship magazine of the RTMG, providing broad coverage of the recycling industry and offering a depth of market and commodity information along with news, industry developments and company profiles of recyclers. With a weekly e-newsletter, specialty newsletters targeting the fastest growing segments of the industry, and a website that is constantly updated with information, news and tools, RT has a depth of coverage that taps into decades of experience while also recognizing the continual evolution of the industry. In addition to the commercial/industrial scrap processing and recycling industry, We provide news coverage for scrap dealers/processors, material recovery/recycling facilities, brokers, importers/exporters of scrap metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), auto dismantlers, scrap consumers including metallic, paper and plastic, landfills, transfer stations, equipment manufacturers, consultants/engineers, mill services, document destruction, haulers, and others allied to the field.

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