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Moxtek, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative nanotechnology solutions for the advanced materials and life science industries. Since 1986, we have been developing and manufacturing high-performance optical and X-ray components, thin film coatings, and polarization products that enable breakthrough performance in applications such as medical imaging, scientific research, semiconductor manufacturing, and aerospace. We offer a wide range of products that are built on our proprietary nanofabrication technology, including ultra-thin films, nano-patterned surfaces, and precision optical components. Our X-ray products include low-energy windows, X-ray polarizers, and beam filters that are used in medical imaging, security screening, and semiconductor inspection. Our advanced optical components include polarizing beamsplitters, wire-grid polarizers, and laser optics that are used in scientific research, life science, and semiconductor metrology. We also offer a variety of custom-designed solutions to meet our customers' unique requirements. Our dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and technical specialists work closely with our customers to provide comprehensive design, development, and manufacturing services. We use the latest CAD and simulation tools to design and optimize our products for maximum performance, and we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and processes to ensure high-quality production. We also offer testing and analysis services to verify product performance and provide technical support throughout the product lifecycle. At Moxtek, we are committed to continuous innovation and development of new nanofabrication technologies to enable new breakthrough applications. Our team of experts includes materials scientists, physicists, and engineers who are dedicated to exploring the latest advances in nanotechnology and applying them to solve real-world problems. We have a strong track record of successful partnerships with leading academic and research institutions, and we actively seek out collaboration opportunities to drive innovation and accelerate technology development. In summary, Moxtek, Inc. is a leading provider of nanotechnology solutions for the advanced materials and life science industries. Our innovative products, comprehensive services, and cutting-edge capabilities enable breakthrough performance and create new opportunities for our customers. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of nanotechnology to solve the world's most pressing challenges.

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