Metalspun Products Company, Incorporated

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Oak Creek, WI 53154
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Welcome to Metalspun Products Co., Inc., where our passion lies in the artistry of metal spinning. As industry leaders, we specialize in the creation of an expansive array of precision metal spinning products tailored to meet the unique demands of various sectors. Our unrivaled proficiency extends to working with materials spanning from .010″ to 3/16″ thick, showcasing our adeptness in transforming raw metal sheets into finely crafted, functional components.

Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we pride ourselves on our adept handling of blank diameters of up to 72″. This capability positions us as a reliable partner for clients seeking expansive and dynamic solutions for their metal spinning needs. Whether you require custom prototypes or large-scale production runs, Metalspun Products Co., Inc. stands ready to bring your visions into reality with precision and finesse.

At the heart of our operations is our comprehensive total quality management process. This ingrained commitment to quality ensures that each spun creation adheres to stringent standards, meeting tolerances as fine as ± .01″. Our relentless pursuit of perfection is not just a promise but a guarantee, showcasing our unwavering dedication to delivering products of the highest caliber.

With Metalspun Products Co., Inc., you gain a partner that thrives on challenges, continuously innovating to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Join us in the journey of transforming metal into masterpieces, where precision meets artistry, and quality knows no compromise.

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