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At Jax Wax Distribution, we are a manufacturer of an extensive range of car care products. Our product line includes waxes, sealants, soaps & cleaners, spray detailers, leather care items, air fresheners, glass care solutions, microfiber towels, detail tools, aerosols, compounds, polishes, buffing pads, and polishing kits. These offerings cater to the diverse needs of car enthusiasts, detailing professionals, and anyone passionate about maintaining the pristine appearance of their vehicles. Our waxes are formulated with the utmost attention to detail, providing exceptional protection and a brilliant shine that lasts. We take pride in crafting high-quality sealants that shield the vehicle's paintwork from environmental elements, ensuring longevity and durability. Our soaps & cleaners effectively remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants, leaving a spotless finish. For quick touch-ups and maintaining a showroom shine, our spray detailers are the perfect solution. Recognizing the importance of proper care for leather surfaces, we offer a range of specialized products that nourish, protect, and enhance the beauty of leather interiors. Our air fresheners provide a delightful fragrance, leaving a refreshing atmosphere inside the car. When it comes to maintaining crystal-clear windows and mirrors, our glass care products are designed to eliminate streaks and smudges, ensuring optimal visibility. Our microfiber towels are crafted with ultra-soft fibers that are gentle on surfaces yet highly effective at absorbing liquids and capturing dirt particles. To assist in the detailing process, we provide a variety of professional-grade detail tools that aid in achieving precise and flawless results. Our aerosols offer convenient solutions for specific detailing needs, such as tire shines, quick waxes, and interior cleaners. For more extensive paint correction and restoration work, our compounds, polishes, and buffing pads are engineered to remove imperfections, restore gloss, and enhance the overall finish of the vehicle. To simplify the process, we also offer comprehensive polishing kits that include all the necessary tools and products for a complete detailing experience. As Jax Wax Distribution, we are committed to delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance, enabling car enthusiasts and professionals alike to achieve outstanding results in car care and detailing.

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