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Impact Automation stands as a prominent force in the field of automation, specializing in the design and implementation of advanced conveying systems tailored for diverse manufacturing processes. With a focus on efficiency, precision, and adaptability, we offer a comprehensive product range that includes sorter feed systems, sorter solutions, traditional conveyors, and plastic belt conveyors.

At the heart of our expertise is our commitment to providing cutting-edge conveying solutions that address the unique needs of manufacturing companies. Our sorter feed systems and sorter solutions exemplify our dedication to optimizing material handling and logistics, ensuring streamlined processes and increased productivity.

Our product lineup extends to traditional conveyors, which serve as fundamental components in material transport within manufacturing facilities. Our traditional conveyor systems are designed with meticulous attention to detail, providing reliable and efficient solutions for various applications across different industries.

Our array of solutions encompasses bulk parcel diverters, sorters, roller conveyors, belt conveyors, palletizers, shoe sorters, curved conveyors, pallet feed modules, and case turners. This comprehensive range ensures that we can meet the diverse and dynamic requirements of manufacturing processes, from parcel sorting and diverting to the intricate handling of pallets and cases.

As a trusted leader in conveying system design, we continue to contribute to the success of manufacturing companies by delivering solutions that elevate operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and optimize the flow of materials throughout the production process. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction solidifies our position as a go-to source for advanced conveying solutions in the manufacturing industry.

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