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As a fully integrated innovator, designer and manufacturer of rare earth magnets, Electron Energy Corporation specializes in both simple and complex magnet assemblies. Our founder, Marlin S. Walmer, saw the potential in utilizing magnets in high power industries and began EEC in 1970. Because of his innovation and dedication, researchers and engineers from around the world gathered at EEC headquarters to develop break-through magnet materials and new applications for them. This progressive attitude towards the magnet and magnet assembly industry has continued to thrive at Electron Energy. Contract research is a top priority and vital to the scientific advancements of magnet use in a variety of industries. Our world class team includes scientists and engineers that work diligently in laboratories with top-grade testing equipment to successfully follow through with research and create new magnetic applications, such as the breakthrough in ultra-high temperature magnets that happened in 1999. The dynamic and progressive research is backed by a stellar manufacturing facility where finite element analysis (FEA) is utilized to provide precision magnets and magnetic assemblies. Since our inception, we have continued to embrace and exceed the demands for excellence in the magnet industry. Our ultra-high temperature magnets are evidence of our innovation and technological advancement. We also design and manufacture motors, generators, magnetic bearings, travelling wave tubes, and many other magnetic components and products that are being used to push the boundaries of industry and science. These are just a few examples of the many impressive projects Electron Energy Corporation is invested in practicing, and only greater things can be accomplished in the future as we continue to invest our time and expertise in additional research, development, and discovery.

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Michael Walmer Receives 2014 REPM Distinguished Achievement Award

Michael Walmer received an award for distinguished achievement. Read this article to learn more about Michael and the award he received....

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Electron Energy Corporation to Develop Alternative Technologies to Reduce Heavy Rare Earth Usage in Permanent Magnets

Long-standing innovator in the field of rare-earth magnets, Electron Energy Corporation (EEC) has been awarded an $150,000 Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop alternative magnet technologies which reduce the use of the critical rare earth element dysprosium....

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Electron Energy Researches Rare Earth Magnets

Electron Energy has funded a new research project for rare earth minerals. The goal of the project is to find inexpensive ways to make nanocomposite magnets in large quantities....

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