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EBKContainers is a turnkey manufacturer of a variety of 55 gallon drum products and drum accessories. Our company aims to provide our customers with outstanding products that come at a very affordable price. Our packaging solutions and material handling equipment is engineered with a full range of durable solutions. EBKContainers manufactures our steel drums from high quality cold-rolled steel. These items can be customized with rust-inhibitor interiors or chemical-resistant epoxyphenolic linings. From 4 oz. glass jars to 550 carbon steel bulk handling containers; EBKContainers can provide you with a quality-assured solution. EBKContainers cares about our customers’ needs and we will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. If you happen to have a damaged drum then we will salvage your drum and all of our salvaged drums meet UN qualifications. Our industry leader provides a wide range of solutions including: drum hand pumps, deheaders, dollies, heaters, liners, locking rings, plugs, trucks, faucets, closing tools and much more. EBKContainers manufactures plastic drums that are lightweight and made from polyethylene which means we are highly resistant to hazardous chemicals. These FDA and USDA approved products are ideal for a wide range of industries. The teams at EBKContainers are experts in providing world-class containers and our items are integrated with a full spectrum of advantages. Our company is dedicated to your needs and will treat you with respect every step of the way. All in-stock items will be shipped within 1-2 business days and our highly trained staff will work with you to provide the best lead times for all non-stock products. EBKContainers is known for our reliability and customer service. Just let us know your application and we can handle the rest. If you have any questions about our products or services then please visit our website or give one of our representatives a call today!

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Choosing the Right 55 Gallon Drums for Your Business

Packaging solutions are essential in various types of industrial environments. As a buyer, you will be concerned about the quality of these products. This is necessary for protecting your goods, and in some cases, the right containers play a big role in the safety of workers....

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55 Gallon Plastic Drums vs. 55 Gallon Steel Drums

Storage and shipping drums are needed in nearly every industry throughout the United States. The specific requirement for a drum will determine whether you need steel or if plastic will suffice. There are, of course, price differences to be considered, but let’s take a look at the barrels themselves and evaluate a few pros and cons....

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Do Not Cut Corners When Purchasing Drums

Every business has to work within a certain budgetary constraint. No matter how you look at this, there are things that are going to need to be factor into the decisions made. Take for instance waste companies, they have to work within certain limits to be profitable....

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Reasons Why You Should Use 55 Gallon Steel Drums in Your Manufacturing Plant

EBKContainers explains why you need 55 gallon drums in your manufacturing plant....

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