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Commercial Industrial Supply is a supplier of valves, piping, fittings, process equipment, electrical, and pipe accessories. Commercial has Schedule 40 & 80 PVC, ChemDrain CPVC, PVC Duct, PVDF, and Double containment pipes, and fittings for them. Pipes come in various shapes and sizes; Schedule 80 pipes are lightweight, unlike the Schedule 40 pipes. Non-metal pipes have many advantages over their metal counterparts; i.e. they do not rust, chemical resistance, easy to clean and repair, light weight, and no corrosion. Piping systems are found in just about every industry imaginable, architectural, plumbing, landscaping, agricultural, chemical, and environmental.

Commercial Industrial Supply carries brass valves, carbon steel valves, ductile valves, PVC valves, stainless steel valves, and CPVC valves. Valves are used in a wide range of industries plumbing, agricultural, firefighting, and many more. Valves are necessary to either stop the flow of water, or to reduce the flow to a smaller stream. Ball valves are most commonly found in the landscaping industry because of their ability to form a watertight seal, gate valves are used to completely stop the flow of water in any given direction, check valves are used to release pressure in case of emergency or repairs, and butterfly valves are a lot like ball valves but with one difference, they have the option to be quickly shut off.

Commercial Industrial Supply has a large supply of flow meters, wall sleeves, adhesives, and link-seals. Flow meters are used to measure the movement in piping systems and come in various styles; mechanical, digital, and pool meters. Pool flow meters are used to check if the water in pools or hot tubes are circulating correctly. Digital flow meters are commonly used to measure various gases and liquids, and have an easy to read screen.

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