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Cascade Engineering Services is a professional re-manufacturer of environmental test chambers. We were founded in 1994 and continue to produce high quality, ultra-low temperature machinery that utilize both single and dual stage refrigerant processes. We carry a large inventory of high-quality used test chambers from reputable brands such as Thermotron, Envirotronics, Espec, Tenney, Lunaire, RTP - Russells Technical Products, Ransco, Blue M, Associated, BMA, Cincinnati Sub Zero, Despatch, Environmental Specialities, Bemco, Cybortronics, and much more. We provide test chamber service and technical support to the Southeast U.S. region and Mexico. Contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable sales representatives to find an environmental test chamber that fits the needs of your company’s testing processes.

At Cascade Engineering, we provide support and repairs for a wide variety of environmental test chambers, including AGREE Chambers, Thermotron Walk In Test Chambers, Tenny Chambers, Altitude Chambers, Espec Humidity Chambers, Thermotron Walk In WP769 Chambers, Dual ESS Walk In Chambers, and more.

The models of AGREE Chambers that we service are Model F82-CHV-25-25, Model FX62-CHV-25-25, Model F62-CHV-25-25, Model EV70-CHV-25-25, and Model F62-CHV-25-25. We service and repair Thermotron Walk In Test Chamber MODEL WS-840-CHM-10, which is a walk-in temperature humidity chamber. We service and repair Model #T64C-15 Tenny Chambers, which have a temperature range of -70c to +175c. We service and repair Altitude Chambers from Gross ITE Industries, which can be RTCA/DO-160 Aerospace compliant tested upon request.

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