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Burr Mobile Lifts, a division of Burr Engineering and Development Company, is a Battle Creek, Michigan-based manufacturer and marketer with a longstanding reputation for producing high-quality wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, and platform lifts for individuals with mobility challenges. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have become a trusted provider of innovative mobility solutions.

Our flagship product, the Burr Mobile-Lift Outside Model, is designed to facilitate the safe and convenient transportation of wheelchairs and scooters. Installed on the exterior of vehicles, this lift allows for easy loading and unloading without sacrificing interior space, making it an ideal solution for individuals seeking efficient and reliable mobility assistance.

The Handy Lift HD is another product in our lineup, specifically designed to assist disabled individuals in entering recreational vehicles (RVs) or motorhomes. This lift ensures smooth and secure access, enabling wheelchair or scooter users to enjoy their travels with ease and independence.

For those looking for a lightweight and compact solution, we offer the Handy Lift LT. Similar to the Handy Lift HD, this model provides reliable assistance in RV or motorhome access while maintaining portability and user-friendly functionality.

In addition to our vehicle lifts, we also offer an electric scooter lift. This lift is designed to simplify the transportation of scooters, providing individuals who rely on scooters for mobility with a hassle-free loading and unloading experience.

Furthermore, our product range includes platform lifts that offer versatile accessibility solutions. These lifts are designed to elevate individuals, wheelchairs, or scooters to different levels, ensuring easy access to buildings, stages, or other elevated areas.

At Burr Mobile Lifts, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is paramount. We prioritize the development of durable, reliable, and user-friendly mobility products. With our extensive experience and expertise, we continually strive to provide innovative solutions that enhance accessibility and improve the lives of individuals with mobility challenges.

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