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BEPeterson has been a full service metal fabrication company since 1935. Our company is located in Avon, Massachusetts, and known around the world for being specialists in pressure vessel fabrication and design. From our beginning we have been setting the standard for custom metal fabrication. Our company is housed in a spacious 90,000 square foot facility where we are able to fabricate large-scale, custom metal fabrication products as well as provide value added services. B.E. Peterson, Inc. is focused on quality and is an ISO 9001:2008 and ASME certified company.

We are an internationally known company with a reputation for being a high volume contract manufacturer and custom metal fabricator. We are able to manufacture pressure vessels, tanks, ASME pressure vessels, ASME vacuum furnaces, filter housings, filter vessels, vacuum chambers, and many other industrial fabrications. Many of our tanks and other products are available in materials like stainless steel, high alloy materials, aluminum, nickel, alloys, and carbon steel and can come with different polish options. Our company serves many different industries including chemical, energy, oil, military, environmental, plastics, rubber, water and chemical filtration, processing industries, and more.

Specialists at our company provide complete engineering, design, and project management. We use advanced manufacturing techniques and low cost material procurement to give customers the best solutions. We also provides other valued added services including quality inspections, tool certifications, dimensional analysis, 3D modeling, like AutoCAD and Solidworks, vessel and tank design, and more. Our FaroArm is a portable measuring machine that provides quality inspection capabilities. This unique feature has helped set us apart from some of our toughest competitors. Call BEPeterson today or visit our website!


6 Reasons to Choose BEPeterson for Your Industrial Fabrication Needs

BEPeterson is ASME certified manufacturer of metal parts with S, R, U, and UM stamp approvals. Click here to read more...

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3 Reasons Why Customers Should Choose Pressure Vessels for Gas or Liquid Storage

The following are the top reasons why customers should choose a custom designed pressure vessels to store high pressure gases or liquids...

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Windbox – SOFA Windboxes Manufactured by BEPeterson

BEPeterson manufactures windboxes and SOFA windboxes for coal and gas wall fired burners manufactured to specific customer design. Click here to learn more....

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BEPeterson, Inc. Manufactures Water Cistern Vessels for JC Cannistraro

BEPeterson is pleased to announce the shipment of three Water Cistern Tanks for JC Cansitraro, Watertown, MA. Click here to read more....

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Steam Drums Pressure Vessels Manufactured by BEPeterson for Coating / Converting Manufacturing Equipment

BEPeterson supplied ten ASME Stainless Steel steam drum pressure vessels to a coating / converting company as part of a new piece of equipment....

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Low NOx Coal Burners Manufactured by BEPeterson

BEPeterson manufactures multiple Low NOx Coal Burners for installation in Argentina, South America. Click to read more....

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Coal Nozzle Burner Tips Manufactured by BEPeterson

BEPeterson manufactures coal nozzle burner tips for coal and gas wall fired burners manufactured to specific customer design....

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PED Pressure Vessels Manufactured by BEPeterson

BEPeterson is pleased to announce the shipment of multiple PED Pressure Vessels with CE certification issued by Bureau Veritas UK Ltd. The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) of the EU establishes the standards for the design and fabrication of pressure equipment....

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