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Since 1974, Kimco Magnetics was one of the original pioneers to commercialize products made with rare earth metals. Acquired in 1984 by BEI Technologies, the two companies merged to become BEI Kimco to provide you with leading-edge capabilities and cost effective manufacturing know-how with the personalization customers would expect. BEI Kimco, a leader since the start, continues to dominate the market for leading brushless DC motors and linear and rotary voice coil actuators. We have provided the market with thousands of motors and actuators for industries ranging from medical and defense to laboratory and factory automation. Our product line includes linear voice coil actuators, rotary voice coil actuators, VCA developer’s kit, brushless DC motors, brushless DC motor customization capabilities, and voice coil actuator customization capabilities. We create products that are highly personalized for a wide range of applications. A few of these applications include, but not limited to, downhole drilling, lens grinding, military stabilization, centrifuges, oxygen concentrators, blood diagnostics, haptic feedback devices, respirators, industrial scanners, and much more. Check out our website for a more extensive list of our typical applications. At BEI Kimco, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service on top of our superior products. Our products remain of the highest quality and innovation, and hold our products to the highest standards. We challenge ourselves to create new ways to meet the changing demands and applications. Our engineers are committed to solving your next application challenge through our innovative technologies. Be sure to visit our website or reach out if you have any other questions about the products and services we provide.

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New Anti-Rotational Design Ensures Actuator Accuracy

BEI Kimco has introduced a moving magnet Voice Coil Actuator with a flexure design that ensures high accuracy by preventing unwanted shaft rotation.......

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BEI Kimco's Brushless Motors Meet Centrifuge Requirements for Reliable, Quiet Operation

BEI Kimco has met the high performance motor requirements for laboratory centrifuge machines. Read more here...

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