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  • Pomona, CA

    At King Epoxy, we strive to be your number-one source for decorative and interface solutions. Our line of products include nameplates, graphic overlays and panels, and more. Our promise is to treat our customers like our partners, and to find an innovative interface solution that will perfectly suit their requirements. To learn more, contact us today!

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  • Holyoke, MA

    Specialists in product identification since 1931, our nameplate manufacturing includes metal etching, lithography & photo process imaging. We produce name plates, labels, & signage. An ISO 9002 company, we provide engraved nameplates & metal nameplates in aluminum, brass & stainless steel. Providing etched & lithographed graphic identification products as well as commercial product identification.

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  • North Olmsted, OH

    Manufacturing top of the line engraved nameplates and other identification products has been our focus at Nutron Nameplate since 1950. We offer both metal nameplates in aluminum, stainless steel and brass, and plastic nameplates, which offer much versatility. Our line of safety nameplates and name tags has made us known nationally. Let us be the source for all of your nameplate needs. Contact us!

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  • Cincinnati, OH

    Graphic overlays, metal nameplates, flow charts & membrane switches are some of the items we offer. MPC has been in the nameplate business for over 50 years, producing product identification and information plates for a variety of industries and applications. For superior performance and appearance try Metalphoto.

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  • Masury, OH

    Roemer Industries has been producing custom, graphic identification products since 1937. Our facility is equipped with the most advanced, state of the art technologies our industry has to offer. Our dedicated and certified employees are committed to quality & service. Proof of our commitment is evident in our ISO 9001:2008 certification. At Roemer Industries WE MAKE IT RIGHT – WE MAKE IT ON TIME.

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Office Guidance

A few weeks ago I visited my mom at work at the end of the day. We were just about the only two people left in her office and were in a hurry to get out of there to make it to an appointment. She had to finish up a couple last minute things and to hurry her along I was helping her. Some papers that needed to be brought to a co-workers desk and I offered to run them over to her cubical. Now her office is rather large... Read More

Nameplates for Industry: The Other Application

Most people think of office settings when they hear the word name plates. However, there is a wide variety of other places that benefit from numerous name plates, including the classic industrial settings like warehouses and manufacturing plants. Nameplates for industry have more applications then office name plates simply because there is more that needs to be identified in a textile or food manufacturing building then in a publishing house or lawyer's office. One example is that most machines need a name plate to identify what they machine is. Most... Read More

Domed Nameplates: The Aesthetics of Things

It can not be denied that we live in a society that prizes aesthetics. Just flip through a magazine and you will be bombarded with ads full of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes or holding beautiful accessories. Interior decorating is a bombing industry, even in this rough economic climate because everyone wants to have the perfect looking home. This is even true of the hipster generation; they don't spend tons of money to do it but they do spend a lot of energy finding the perfect thrift store and hand-me-down... Read More

The Professional Office Name Plates

Professionalism is an impression that a successful business will portray at every level, from the way an administrative assistant answers the telephone to the decorations in the lobby to the way each employee dresses on a daily basis. It is an extremely important idea to hold everyone within the office setting accountable for their behavior and appearance, which in turn positively affects the customer. And in the end, every company has something to sell and it is not just the product they are selling but themselves. Business is a relationship,... Read More

Office Name Plates

Recently I watched an episode of a popular TV show that is centered on the daily life of a normal office in America. The various characters in the show are quirky, unique and, as it seems, not very productive at their jobs. They are more focused on creating havoc around the office and having interactions with coworkers than actually getting any quality work done. This is fortunate for viewers however, because if it was a show actually based on the normal goings on in an office, it would be rather... Read More

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Office Name Plates

Office nameplates are labels used to display information and identify people, their job title, rooms and offices within a professional work setting. They can be nailed onto doors, set on top of desks or affixed in other ways and are made only for indoors where there is no exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture. Nameplates are usually around two inches long by eight inches wide, but their size will always differ according to the size of the font and how many letters are in the text.

Office name plates usually display the name of a room, like a conference area or break room, or the name and title of an employee. All nameplates are made to order and come in a wide variety of different materials; some examples are wood, plastic, bronze, aluminum and brass. While businesses and companies of all sizes are the most likely place to find office nameplates, any workplace that uses offices has a need for nameplates, including non-profit organizations, schools and government agencies. Large workplaces have the greatest need for nameplates to keep track of employees and always order nameplates of the same style with uniform fonts and materials to maintain a professional and organized feel. Nameplates that identify an employee and their job title are usually two lines; the first in larger font contains the first and last name, and the second line names the employee's function within the company.

Nameplates made specifically for corporate settings and office environments are usually flat. Those made for doors contain holes for nails or a wall mounting on the back. They are generally made of lighter materials like aluminum or plastic. Desk nameplates must stand on their own and have a lip that acts as a stand. They are usually made of heavier materials like granite, glass, wood or metals like bronze and brass. Plastic nameplates are easy to manufacture and cost effective, but using bronze or brass maintains an air of professionalism. Besides text, modern nameplate manufacturers are able to design plates with logos, pictures and color graphics. Depending on the type of material, office nameplates are fabricated in different ways. Wooden nameplates are usually carved or whittled and sometimes painted. Plastic nameplates are stamped, painted or etched. There are a few different ways of forming text onto nameplates made of metal. Engraving, etching and chemical-stencil engraving are just a few methods of physically removing some of the metal to create text or a logo. These methods create a longer-lasting product with more distinct words and designs.

Office Name Plates
Office Name Plates
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