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  • Pomona, CA 909-784-6305

    At King Epoxy, we strive to be your number-one source for decorative and interface solutions. Our line of products include nameplates, graphic overlays and panels, and more. Our promise is to treat our customers like our partners, and to find an innovative interface solution that will perfectly suit their requirements. To learn more, contact us today!

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  • North Ridgeville, OH 800-428-0095

    If you are in need of a nameplate that looks professional and is durable, our team at Metal Marker will ensure that you won’t have to choose one or the other. Our office nameplates can be customized with a company logo and in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. No matter what your requested design, your office nameplate will be delivered on time at a competitive price. Contact Metal Marker today to get started or to simply learn more. All products are made in the USA, and we are ISO 9001 & AS910 certified.

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  • New Bedford, MA 800-999-8900

    At NFI Corp., we have been delivering quality nameplates since 1957. Our employees worldwide are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ deliver their high quality products to market, faster. Not only are we a customer driven company, but we strive for accountability and teamwork, we are committed to success and embrace change. For your next membrane keypads, call us today!

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  • Perry, NY 800-227-5718

    JN White is an ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR-certified manufacturer of name plates, graphic overlays, and custom labels. We nimbly handle projects big and small and have the uncommon ability to translate what our customers need into high-quality, high-precision outcomes. Our team's goal is to bring you the best through our dedication to quality and our constant pursuit of the latest technology. Contact us today!

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Office Name Plates Industry Information

Office Name Plates

Office name plates are labels used to display information and identify people, their job title, rooms, and offices within a professional work setting. They can be nailed onto doors, set on top of desks, or affixed in other ways and are made only for indoors where there is no exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture. Name plates are usually around two inches long by eight inches wide, but their size will always differ according to the size of the font and how many letters are in the text.

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Applications of Office Name Plates

Office name plates usually display the name of a room, like a conference area or break room, or the name and title of an employee. All name plates are made to order and come in a wide variety of different materials; some examples are wood, plastic, bronze, aluminum, and brass. While businesses and companies of all sizes are the most likely place to find office name plates, any workplace that uses offices has a need for name plates, including non-profit organizations, schools, and government agencies.

Large workplaces have the greatest need for name plates to keep track of employees. They order name plates of the same style with uniform fonts and materials to maintain a professional and organized feel. Name plates that identify an employee and their job title are usually two lines. The first line is in a larger font that contains the first and last name, and the second line names the employee's function within the company.

Office Name Plate Design and Customization

Name plates made specifically for corporate settings and office environments are usually flat. Those made for doors contain holes for nails or a wall mounting on the back. They are generally made of lighter materials like aluminum or plastic. Besides text, modern name plate manufacturers are able to design plates with logos, pictures, and color graphics.

Depending on the type of material, office name plates are fabricated in different ways. Plastic name plates are stamped, painted, or etched. There are a few different ways of forming text onto name plates made of metal. Engraving, etching, and chemical-stencil engraving are just a few methods of physically removing some of the metal to create text or a logo. These methods create a longer-lasting product with more distinct words and designs.

Notable Types of Office Name Plates

Desk Name Plates
Must stand on their own and have a lip that acts as a stand. They are usually made of heavier materials like granite, glass, wood, or metals like bronze and brass.
Plastic Name Plates
Easy to manufacture and cost effective, but using bronze or brass maintains an air of professionalism.
Wooden Name Plates
Usually carved or whittled and sometimes painted.

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