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  • Focusing On Font

    Name plates for desks represent a large part of who you are at a company. They give your name, company title and various other pieces of personal information. When designing a name plate, there are a number of different variables to consider. You must decide the size of the name plate, the shape, the color, and, perhaps most importantly, the font of the writing that is to appear on the nameplate. Of course you need to focus on the legibility or readability of the font, but you must also be...

  • Military Specification Nameplate Manufacturers

    One way to guarantee your company will never go out of business is to market to the military, who have the highest standards as far as product quality goes and are therefore willing to pay for it. Nameplate manufacturers can jump on this band wagon too. There are a plethora of applications for nameplates in the military, from desk name plates to door name plates to the dog tags worn by every individual soldier, all of which are unique. These examples are just scratching the surface of the nameplate demands...

  • Custom Nameplates

    Few items are purchased custom made these days because the price usually matches the prestige. However, some industries actually thrive on the specificity of custom work and are able to produce products with the speed and style to make it financially worthwhile without charging the customer an arm and a leg. The manufacturers of custom nameplates are one such industry. Although they are also known for mass producing name plates that serve as labels on products such as cars and musical instruments, customized plates are necessary in a variety of...

  • Engraved Nameplates: The Manufacturing Process

    Every manufacturing process varies depending an a number of factors including material, size, shape and eventual application, as well as if any secondary processes will be necessary after the major ones. A manufacturer of any specific product, including name plates, always has a lot to consider when preparing to make a part. Name plate manufacturers specifically have a more customized oriented business then many other industries. Although there are brand names that mass produce the same engraved nameplate, many makers of name plates must also specialize trophy, desk and office...

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Engraved Nameplates

Engraved nameplates are plates of metal, plastic, wood and other materials that are engraved with information. Offices, institutions, industrial workplaces and even homes can all have uses for engraved nameplates. A nameplate can be engraved with the name of a person, the contents of a room, the address of a building, instructions and many other kinds of information. They can also be mounted on products and labeled with warning information or directions.

In office settings, nameplates are used to indicate suite or room numbers, the occupant of an office and company names. Depending on the level of a company’s investment in its image, it can choose nameplate materials ranging from inexpensive plastic to extravagant gold and even marble. Professional companies, private offices and institutions like colleges tend to make the most use of expensive nameplate materials. On factory or warehouse floors, inexpensive plastic or aluminum nameplates are much more common. Because they are more likely to become damaged or tarnished by impact or exposure to dirt or other contaminants, it is much more economical to use plastic, aluminum or other inexpensive nameplate material for use in industrial settings and as labeling for equipment.

Nameplate engraving processes vary depending on the plate material. A thick bronze plate, for example, would not be engraved by the same machinery as would a thin plate of aluminum. Engravings can be made in many ways; different materials respond in different ways to each engraving method. Laser engraving, for example, is an excellent precision engraving method that can create engraved markings of just a few micrometers in depth. However, a laser cannot cut as deeply into a surface as can a tool bit engraving method. Tool bit engraving methods involve physical contact between a surface and a tool bit. Tool bits can be made of diamond, tungsten-carbide and other hard materials that grind away areas of the surface to form symbols. Titanium, zinc, brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze are all common engraved nameplate materials. Engraved nameplates are chosen over other plate labeling methods because of their comparative longevity; an engraved word is not as vulnerable to degradation as is a painted word. For this reason, engraved nameplates can last much longer than other nameplate varieties.
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