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  • Why Brass?

    Brass is an ancient metal, and is actually one of the first metal compounds ever created by man. Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc, which has a harder finish than copper alone. Brass is often used in decorative uses, because it can achieve a high level of shine and can withstand minor bumps and scratches. Brass name plates are one popular use for brass products. Even though brass is more expensive than some other materials, like aluminum, brass is still the common choice for a variety of name...

  • The Cares of an Interviewee

    Graduating from college two years ago, I have gained significant experience in the art of being an interviewee. In today's economic climate, most people must interview with a number of companies before they are able to find a job, which is exactly what happened to me. Because of this experience, I have learned how to dress, how to act before the interview begins, during the interview and after the interview, as well as how to get the feel for an office environment from one visit. This last element is important...

  • Brass Name Plates: For Trophies & Titles

    Metal nameplates are one of the most popular styles of name plates in the industry, mostly because they are often found attached to trophies, artistic endeavors such as statues and paintings and title pallets on customized items like luggage or boats. Rather then using the less expensive and therefore less prestigious plastic name plates, the manufacturers of awards, art and customized items ensure that their products will be seen as modeled for the elite. A variety of metallic materials are utilized for such a cause, including gold, aluminum and brass....

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Brass Nameplates

Brass nameplates are flat, two-dimensional metal plates that function as a means to display many different types of information in an elegant manner. They are generally more costly than other types of materials used for nameplates, and are often used for decorative applications. Brass is a copper alloy, usually containing 33% zinc and 67% copper, although other metals like tin, arsenic and antimony may be added to improve strength, hardness or formability. The more zinc used in the alloy, the lighter the color of the brass, ranging from a dark reddish brown to a silvery yellow color.

Brass is stronger and harder than pure copper, but is not comparable with metals like titanium and steel. Therefore, it is rarely used in industrial settings where exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasive chemicals and constant moisture are common. Brass nameplates may be used both indoors and out but are often lacquered and polished to prevent oxidation, which tarnishes the metal. Brass nameplates are often used on doors and desks in office and corporate settings as a fancy alternative to plastic or wood. They are nailed onto trophies, works of art and awards of merit as title plates as well as briefcases, bedroom doors, boxes, suitcases and trunks. Outdoor memorial plaques, which are commonly seen nailed to statues or benches, are often made of brass. Quality tags on pet collars are sometimes made of brass as well.

When brass is exposed to oxygen, it quickly oxidizes, ruining its shiny finish and attractive color, a process known as tarnishing. Outdoor brass nameplates tarnish much more quickly than those used outdoors. To prevent this from happening, most brass is lacquered with a clear coat on one side, which is generally made of silica powder, ammonia and isopropyl alcohol. This chemical seals the brass exterior from air, thus protecting it from exposure to oxygen. Indoors, the lacquer lasts for upwards of 20 years if it isn't exposed to moisture, while outdoor brass objects must be re-lacquered and polished every few years. The clear lacquer is easily removed with paint thinner. Highly abrasive cleaning products tend to remove the clear coat as well as scratch the brass, so cleaning and polishing brass nameplates must be done with certain specially-made cleaning agents. The brass nameplate itself is most often nailed to wood and is commonly sold with a set of nails or pins for mounting. They are flat and rectangular or oval in shape, although many manufacturers offer more complex and custom made designs. All brass nameplates contain text, which is usually an individual's full name, initials, a date, title or contact information. Brass is usually engraved, a process that inscribes the text through abrasive etching, which uses lasers, metal needles or diamond. Chemical etching is also a popular method, a process that uses abrasive chemicals to dissolve the exposed metal after a stencil is laid down on the brass surface.

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