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JN White is a leading manufacturer of custom graphic overlays, membrane switches, and labels for a variety of industries. With over 50 years of experience, we have built a reputation for delivering exceptional quality, innovation, and customer service to our clients.

Our products are designed to meet the unique needs of our customers, and we offer a wide range of capabilities and services to help them achieve their goals. Here are some of our products and services:

Graphic overlays: We offer a range of custom graphic overlays, including embossed overlays, screen-printed overlays, and digitally printed overlays. Our graphic overlays are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide clear and accurate graphics for a variety of applications.

Membrane switches: We provide a range of membrane switches, including tactile switches, non-tactile switches, and capacitive switches. Our membrane switches are designed to provide reliable and responsive user interfaces for a variety of electronic devices.

Labels: We offer a range of labels, including custom labels, UL labels, and warning labels. Our labels are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and can be printed on a variety of materials, including polyester, vinyl, and polyimide.

Design and engineering: Our experienced design and engineering team can work with our customers to develop custom solutions that meet their specific needs. We use the latest software and technology to create high-quality designs that are optimized for manufacturing.

Prototyping and testing: We offer rapid prototyping and testing services to help our customers bring their products to market quickly and efficiently. Our team can produce small runs of prototypes and conduct extensive testing to ensure that they meet our customers' requirements.

At JN White, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality, innovation, and customer service to our clients. We use the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether our clients need a custom graphic overlay for a medical device or a membrane switch for an industrial control panel, we have the expertise and capabilities to deliver a solution that exceeds their expectations.

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