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  • Crafting First Impressions

    One of my favorite projects in elementary school was when we got to decorate our own name plates that would sit on our desks and we would display proudly. If I remember right, it was a project that took a few days because every student took it so seriously. Over the course of a few days, we cut up magazines to search for the perfect letters, brought in our favorite pictures, used glitter and glue and spent a couple of days decorating our name plates to reflect our personalities and...

  • Employee Recognition Day

    Keeping the morale up at your company does more than simply create a pleasant working environment, it also makes your workers more efficient and effective with their time and energy. One popular way to encourage your employees to go above and beyond their duties is to have an employee recognition day, whether it is once a year or quarterly. Particularly in an office environment, these types of events are excellent morale builders, particularly because they get employees up out of their desks and interacting with one another. Going about recognizing...

  • Name Plates Affixed

    The varieties of name plates available in this day and age go beyond the classic model that was propped up on the desk of executives. Now numerous materials and applications require more then one way to present a name plate. Whether it is affixed to a door or doorway of an office, a specific type of brand marking mass produced for musical instruments or a tiny but expensive name plate worn around a person's neck, name plates these days have numerous options when it comes to being attached. Name plates...

  • Desk Name Plates: How to Stand Alone

    Desk name plates are the classic example of what a name plate should be. Perched on the desk of a secretary or executive and everyone in between, the name plate claims the space of an individual in their workspace. The emotional significance of this goes back to animalistic behavior. For example, a dog will mark his territory so that other dogs in the neighborhood know to stay away. In the business world, having a name plate on a desk means that is your space and nobody else can use it...

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Desk Nameplates

Desk nameplates are a type of stand-alone plaque that displays information about an individual and sits atop their desk in professional and office settings. Standard nameplates found on desktops generally provide the employee's first and last name, job title and company logo, although the latter two are optional. Compared to door nameplates, these are generally made out of heavier materials, including granite, glass, wood, and metals like gold, bronze and brass.

Companies and businesses large and small use desk nameplates for organization and an added professional detail to their office. Non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools, libraries, law firms and many other office settings or work environments in which employees use desks can make use of desk nameplates. The most popular size for nameplates is two inches high and eight inches long, although their size differs according to the size of the font, number of lines and how many letters long the text is. The text on nameplates is commonly two lines; the first lists the full name of the individual in larger font, while the second line designates their job function in smaller letters.

There are a couple of different configurations for desk nameplates. They may be flat and bent into an acute angle close to 90º, which serves as a stand so the nameplate remains upright. It can also have a thicker, solid, triangular profile. More complex nameplate design uses a flat plate with the text and logo, which is held inside a separate stand. The stand contains a slot that holds the plate, which is removable and positions the nameplate to remain upright. This type of nameplate is handy when employees leave and join the company, because only the least expensive component of the nameplate requires replacement. Some fancier nameplate holders also double as pen or letter opener holders. Depending on the material used and budget, there are many different options when it comes to inscribing the text onto a nameplate. The most cost effective way is by using only ink printed on the surface. Wood nameplates are often whittled or carved, and metals like brass, bronze and gold may be inscribed a number of different ways, using needles, lasers and chemicals. Engraving and etching metal involves removing a portion of the nameplate's surface area to form the text, usually by CNC machinery. Chemical etching places a stencil over the material and exposes the text design to an abrasive chemical that dissolves the metal. These methods leave the nameplate's text with a three-dimensional look that lasts much longer than printing.

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