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  • The Importance of Door Name Plates

    Imagine for a minute that it is your first day of middle school. Your new school is in a huge building that you have never explored before. While walking around and trying to find your homeroom, you realize that you have no idea where you are. There are no numbers, labels, or names on the doors and everything looks the exact same to you. Unfortunately, all the other students are inside their correct classrooms, somehow they must know more than you. The final bell rings, and since you still have...

  • Name Plate Suppliers: An All-Around Industry

    Because of the personalized nature of name plates, it would be very difficult for a company to supply name plates without manufacturing them as well. That is why name plate suppliers must be an all-around industry, taking the product from the initial design through its manufacturing process and then into the hands of the customer. Step A is necessary for step B and both are necessary for step C. Name plate suppliers must be name plate manufacturers as well. Whether a company needs a mass produced name plate for a...

  • Adhesives for Door Name Plates

    Different applications for name plates require different modes for presentation. Because name plates have such a wide variety of uses, the ways they are attached or presented are equally as varied. For example, desk name plates are often attached to some sort of stand during production. These may be welded together when they are metal nameplates or manipulated during the molten stage if they are plastic nameplates. Rarely does attachment need to occur after production is finished when dealing with desk name plates. However, door name plates are another matter....

  • Door Name Plates

    Name plates make for great and attractive labeling in any office letting people know whose office is whose. The perfect place for these name plates to be hung is right on the front of each office door. This ensures that co workers are going to the correct office which belongs to the person they are looking for before knocking and interrupting the wrong person. Sometimes name plates contain more that just a persons first and last name. A lot of times it will contain the persons name in a large...

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Door Name Plates

Door nameplates are thin pieces of metal, wood, glass or plastic that display information, label or present a message about an individual, area or room that the door encloses. They are mounted to doors with nails or screws, an adhesive backing, a slider, Velcro or magnets. Door nameplates usually contain one to two lines of text, and sometimes a graphic like a company logo. They are common in public buildings like schools, colleges, hospitals, med centers and religious buildings to help direct visitors.

Workplaces like offices, factories and warehouses use nameplates on doors to improve the company's professionalism and organization. All nameplates are custom to some degree because the text for each differs for each plate. Sizes also vary, but the most common dimensions are two by eight inches. Buildings with multiple door nameplates order them with a uniform color, design and font to maintain consistency and organization. Door nameplates work with a very limited amount of space, so the text must be concise and pertinent. Unlike public building and workplace door nameplates, which are designed with aesthetics and decoration in mind, industrial nameplates are manufactured to resist extreme temperatures, moisture and chemical corrosion.

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to door nameplate design. They are manufactured from many different materials, the most common of which are aluminum, brass or copper. They may be painted, embossed with gold, silver or black dyes to improve the font readability, polished or lacquered with clear coating to improve both resistance and appearance. Standard nameplates are rectangular, but they are available in a number of different shapes, including oval and custom made cutouts with borders. The text may be printed with paint or ink using screen printing. Embossed nameplates are squeezed through two counter dies that use heat and pressure to create three dimensional text, which is then filled in with a dye. Engraved nameplates are the most common method of producing three dimensional text using chemicals, diamond, needles or lasers to wear away the surface in the custom text design. Etched and embossed fonts last much longer than printing and are easier to read. Plastic nameplates are hot stamped with a ram that has a mold of the desired text, while wood nameplates are whittled, carved or labeled by other methods. Most nameplate manufacturing is done by CNC operated machinery.

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