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  • Pomona, CA

    At King Epoxy, we strive to be your number-one source for decorative and interface solutions. Our line of products include nameplates, graphic overlays and panels, and more. Our promise is to treat our customers like our partners, and to find an innovative interface solution that will perfectly suit their requirements. To learn more, contact us today!

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  • Holyoke, MA

    Specialists in product identification since 1931, our nameplate manufacturing includes metal etching, lithography & photo process imaging. We produce name plates, labels & signage. An ISO 9002 company, we provide engraved nameplates & metal nameplates in aluminum, brass & stainless steel. Etched & lithographed graphic identification products as well as commercial product identification.

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  • North Olmsted, OH

    Founded in 1950, Nutron Nameplate has a lasting reputation for quality and excellent service. We provide customers in a number of industries with reliable products, including aluminum nameplates. Our ISO 9002 Quality Compliance System ensures that you will receive only the best products in terms of quality. Don’t settle for less, call or visit us online today. We look forward to working with you!

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  • Cincinnati, OH

    Graphic overlays, metal nameplates, flow charts & membrane switches are some of the items we offer. MPC has been in the nameplate business for over 50 years, producing product identification and information plates for a variety of industries and applications. For superior performance and appearance try Metalphoto.

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  • Masury, OH

    Roemer Industries has been producing custom, graphic identification products since 1937. Our facility is equipped with the most advanced, state of the art technologies our industry has to offer. Our dedicated and certified employees are committed to quality & service. Proof of our commitment is evident in our ISO 9001:2008 certification. At Roemer Industries WE MAKE IT RIGHT – WE MAKE IT ON TIME.

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Railroadiana's Allure

Have you heard of railroadiana? It's a fantastic hobby that involves collecting locomotive tools, industrial name plates and memorabilia pretty much anything that can be labeled historical. Some popular items for women interested in the hobby are china and photographs, silverware and calendars. Locks and keys, baggage tags, badges, buttons, lanterns and railroad passes are just a few of numerous other items that can be considered collectibles. What items cannot fall under the category of railroadiana? Models are not accepted, as that is a hobby all its own. Fake or... Read More

Nameplates: Not Just For Desks

When people think of nameplates, usually the smaller nameplates that are on people's desk are thought of at first. Name plates serve an important purpose, but are displayed proudly on one's desk almost as a decoration. In the industrial world however, the name plates that are used need to be more durable than the ones found on office desks and doors. Luckily for manufacturers, there is a material that is tougher and can withstand changing and harsh environments. One material is ahead of all other varieties in terms of durability,... Read More

The Industrial Aluminum Nameplates

Certain materials are definitely better suited to certain environments and aluminum is one of them. In recent years this metal alloy has risen in popularity because of its numerous positive characteristics. It is not exclusively used in industrial settings, but aluminum nameplates are best suited for the multiple factors involved in the industrial context. The word industrial includes a multitude of businesses, many of which have unique expectations. In general though, it can be assumed that these environments are harsh because of the running of heavy machinery or processing of... Read More

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Aluminum Nameplates

Aluminum nameplates are aluminum shapes that have been engraved, etched or otherwise labeled with a name, directions or other information. They are used in offices, industrial facilities, institutions and even in some homes to display a person’s name, the contents of a room, to give directions or for other informational purposes. They can also be placed on machinery to indicate a piece of equipment’s brand as well as operational warnings and instructions.

Aluminum plates are unique among other nameplate materials like brass, copper and gold in that they are not very vulnerable to sustained exposure to extreme weather, oxidation, trauma, UV rays or other damaging forces. For this reason, they are often used outdoors and on machinery that is likely to be subject to sustained inhospitable weather conditions, abrasion and impact. They can also be used as indoor signage and labeling, though they are often painted or coated to enhance their appearance. They can be attached to surfaces with fasteners or adhesive. Because many adhesives are vulnerable to variable temperatures and weather conditions, they are more frequently used to fasten nameplates indoors than outdoors. Consumer products manufacturers, office suppliers, automotive manufacturers and many other operations deal in and supply aluminum nameplates.

Aluminum nameplates are available in many shapes and sizes, and a variety of metalworking processes are used to make them. All aluminum nameplates must be cut from aluminum stock; cutting, machining and pressing are essential parts of the aluminum nameplate fabrication process. Once an aluminum nameplate has been cut and shaped to the right specifications, it can be subject to more shaping processes like bending, stamping, punching and pressing. There are many ways in which words and symbols can be imparted onto a newly-shaped aluminum nameplate. The least expensive and least involved method of nameplate labeling is ink labeling. This can be done with precise machinery in a shop, though blank aluminum nameplates are sometimes sold in office supply stores, and they can be labeled by the end user. More expensive, permanent physical labeling processes like stamping, etching and engraving can give an aluminum nameplate a more professional look and are likely to outlast ink labeling. Depending on which labeling method is chosen, an aluminum nameplate can be subject to surface treatments to increase the nameplate’s resistance to heat and corrosion. Anodization is one method; when applied to plates after they have been stamped with letters, the plate can be expected to last much longer than an untreated plate.

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