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  • Where You Can Look to See An Electric Cylinder

    When it comes to linear actuators, there are multiple varieties that are used in numerous venues. No matter which kind of linear actuator you come across, chances are the actuator will be in cylinder form. Hydraulic actuators, pneumatic actuators, and even electric actuators are all available in the cylinder variety. Each type of actuator serves a special purpose, and each kind also has individual strengths and weaknesses. No matter the kind of actuator used, however, the work an actuator does in our place should never be underestimated. Hydraulic and pneumatic...

  • How Hydraulic Linear Actuators Work

    Join me, for a moment, in a thought experiment. Imagine that you're holding a straw in your hands. Imagine also that on one end of the straw is a piece of tape that covers one opening. Now imagine that you've partially filled the straw with water and you've tipped it so that the water is being contained in the end of the straw covered with tape. Imagine now that you're squeezing the straw just where the waterline starts. If you squeeze hard enough, you'll notice that the seal formed by...

  • Electric Cylinders vs Air Cylinders

    When it comes to linear actuators, there is generally two choices. You can choose to use an electric cylinder or you can choose to use an air cylinder. Many factories use air cylinders over electric cylinders because they are an older form of technology and often cheaper to install. However, always choosing air cylinders over electric cylinders is not always the best choice. An electric cylinder can provide many benefits over air cylinders in the following areas: Improved flexibility: With electric cylinders, the operator has greater flexibility in the torque,...

  • Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc. Offers Complete Line of Linear Actuator Products with Programming Capability

    Waterbury, CT - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions IDEA Drive technology is now available across the line of linear actuator products including the Size 17 stepper motor linear actuators, LRS and RGS linear rail systems, and ScrewRail linear actuators. For maximum flexibility, the IDEA Drive is also available in a stand-alone compact programmable drive module that will operate all Haydon linear actuators up to and including the size 23. The IDEA Drive technology is unique; it utilizes a patent-pending Graphic User Interface that allows easy programming of the unit. Programming the...

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Electric Cylinders

Electric cylinders can also be referred to as electric linear actuators. These devices convert electrical energy into mechanical energy that is used for linear motion. Electric cylinders are more accurate, are more work efficient, are easier to install, and have a longer service life than pneumatic or hydraulic varieties. Finally, they offer the advantage of more fluid motion control, and more precise positioning points.

Electric cylinders are ideal for applications that involve close tolerances. These applications include wastewater treatment, electrical testing equipment, industrial automation processes, die bonding, lowering and raising tractor attachments, and the automatic sliding of a TV into a cabinet. Electric cylinders can be used in applications that involve very small spaces, like inside a CD player. The electric cylinder enables the door of the CD player to slide in and out smoothly, enabling its user to easily and safely open and close it. Recent research has led to electric cylinders improving in dynamic response, environmental parameters, and force. As a result, electric cylinders have become more energy and cost efficient. They have improved in terms of controls and flexibility, and have become capable of performing multi-positional functions. In addition, they come with no health or environmental risks, and have been reducing energy consumption within manufacturing facilities, These advances have led to electric cylinders even being more favorable in certain applications than hydraulic and pneumatic linear actuators.

Electric linear actuators feature valves, and a sliding rod or screw that causes the valve to open and close. Electric cylinders can utilize a variety of valves, such as pinch, angle, diaphragm, gate, and globe valves. Electric cylinders provide linear motion with the help of three possible screw assemblies: motor driven ball screw, lead screw, and ACME screw. The first, motor driven ball screws, are a combination of a power screw and a ball nut. They contain ball bearings that ride in a recirculating track between the nut and the screw while the actuator is in motion. The most simple form of screw assembly is the lead screw assembly, which features a drive nut and a lead screw. In a lead screw assembly, the load is unsupported and attached to the rod ends, or the end of the lead screw. The rod ends and the nut on the screw are attached by a thrust tube that uses a guide bearing to stop the rotation. The screw is self locking and can be powered by a drive, which connects the electric cylinder to the motor. Different types of drives can be used. The types of drives include direct drive, geared drive, or belt drive. The motor can be connected to either the top of the guide cylinder—which contains the screw assembly—or to the side of the electric cylinder housing. A variety of different motors can be used as well, such as brushed DC, stepper, or brushless servomotors. ACME screw assemblies are defined as screws that feature identical threads on both the screw and the nut. Like lead screws, ACME screws can be manufactured by thread grinding, thread milling, or thread rolling processes.

Manufacturers worldwide have taken note on the versatility of new and improved models of electric cylinders, and how they are beginning to outperform hydraulic and pneumatic actuators within certain applications, especially those that utilize operations that allow for high thrust. Part of the versatile aspect of electric cylinders is their compatibility with different types of motors, each of which have a certain set of advantages depending on the applications and conditions for which it is used. It has become the goal of manufacturers and researchers to make electric cylinders as usable as possible. Therefore, innovative breakthroughs have been made in changing the functionality and user interfaces of electric cylinders as we know them. The greater the versatility of the machine, the more they will benefit customers and businesses alike.

The newer models of electric cylinders are more favored due to the cycling processes being improved by their smooth operations. For instance, hydraulic cylinders have its drawbacks. They can leak fluids, which forces manufacturers to carve out downtime for cleanup. However, electric cylinders do not utilize fluids, and therefore require no cleanup time. Most applications that utilize electric cylinders have a tolerance of up to 3 tons. Electric cylinders allow for a wide range of speed and load attachments, and in addition, they have a long service life and allow for easy installation and maintenance. The many benefits of electric cylinders have led to their increase among countless consumers.

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