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  • One Tough Actuator

    The linear actuator is a mighty machine that takes a non-linear energy source, such as electricity, liquid, or gas, and converts it into a linear form. This means that what once did not or could not move in a back-and-forth motion can now do so. Linear actuators are great for use in places where a great amount of power is needed to move an object, or in places that either a person cannot fit or that space poses a great risk to them. There are many different types of linear...

  • The Miracle of Motion Actuators

    We've hardly begun to explore the world of possibilities that automation makes available for us. Particularly as the fields of robotics and automation have developed, we've begun to realize the potential for technological advancement, increased rates of innovation and even cultural changes that those technologies make available to us. Robotics and automation are technologies in motion, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. Automated robots are all about autonomy and movement; they are designed to reproduce the kinds of movement and behavior that were once restricted to living things....

  • Tolomatic, Inc. - Excellence In Motion

    Tolomatic, Inc. manufactures electric and pneumatic actuators, industrial brakes, right-angle gearboxes and cone clutches that are built-to-order and are available with fast delivery. Need something that is not a standard catalog product? Tolomatic works with you to create fully customized products with fast prototyping and can easily make modifications to existing cataloged products in order to accommodate multiple application requirements. Photo Courtesy of Tolomatic, Inc. Tolomatic has an extensive variety of electric rodless and rod-style electromechanical and servo cylinders in both belt- and screw-drive configurations. The low-cost line of ERD...

  • Ball Screw Actuators - #1 in Motion Control

    There's a reason why ball screw actuators are among the most popular linear actuator varieties. This reason accounts for why they can be found in RVs, satellites, gearboxes, manufactured housing, solar paneling, motors and so many other applications. The reason? Ball screw actuators are capable of the kind of fluidity of motion that few other linear actuators can achieve. The secret to ball screw actuators' motion fluidity is the fact that they are composed of several ball bearings around which the threaded actuator rods can turn. Only a handful of...

  • SKF 'Car Series' Linear Actuators Deliver Custom Solutions for Industrial Applications

    Press Release - November 8, 2008 by SKF USA Inc. SKF CAR Series linear actuators can easily be equipped with a wide range of specialized components to deliver custom solutions for industrial applications. These compact and robust actuators benefit from high-efficiency SKF ball screw, sturdy gearbox assembly, and high-quality DC or AC motors contributing reliable performance and extended service life. The actuators in left- and right-hand models are available in three standard sizes (CAR 22, CAR 32, and CAR 40) with load capacities up to 6000N, stroke lengths up to...

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Ball Screw Actuator

Ball screw actuators, also called drive screws, are devices that produce mechanical linear motion by converting rotary motion into mechanical energy through the use of ball screw and ball nut combinations. Tending to be very rigid, ball screw actuators are also highly accurate and precise due to tight manufacturing tolerances as well as the lack of compressibility in the ball bearings.

Highly durable, ball screw actuators can exceed lifetimes of 5,000 km if operated at low loads and speeds; higher loads and speeds lead to typical lifetimes of 3,000 km. A ball screw actuator's speed is determined by the ball screw's pitch. The screw lead is the screw pitch multiplied by the number of screw threads, and determines the linear travel of the ball nut per rotation of the screw. Ball screw actuators with a higher screw pitch provide higher axial movement to a nut faster per a given screw rpm, while those with a lower screw lead produce greater linear thrust. Ballscrew actuators serve a multitude of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, biotechnology, automation, material handling, semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, food, packaging and electronics. Applications that ball screw actuators are utilized in include large-scale automation processes, solar tracking, ventilation, micro-positioning, commercial satellite tracking, laser machining and conveyor belting.

Ball screw linear actuators consist of a ball screw, a train of recirculating ball bearings, a ball nut and a cover tube or housing that attaches to the object, or load, requiring motion. The load is typically attached to the end of the ball screw and unsupported by other means. The ball bearings travel in opposed, hardened rod tracks or grooves that are cut out inside of the axially-translating ball nut at a particular helix angle. The ball bearings are compressed when circulating in the track and unloaded in the return system: the circulation is caused by either an internal reversing system or a series of external return tubes. Housed in the ball nut, the ball bearings travel along a ball screw rod. The ball screw rotates in and out of a housing, which is typically constructed from stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or steel. The rotation provides linear motion to the object and can be caused by a synchronous timing belt drive, direct drive or worm gear drive. In addition, ball screw actuators length is determined by the critical speed of the screw. The critical speed of the screw is directly related to the screw’s diameter and is inversely proportional to the square of the unsupported screw’s length. Screws with a larger diameter at given unsupported length have higher critical screw speeds than screws with a smaller diameter at the same length.

Ball Screw Actuator
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Ball Screw Actuator - Del-Tron Precision, Inc.
Ball Screw Actuator - Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

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