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  • DC Actuators: Not Just for Industry

    If you were to stop a random person on the street and ask him or her if he or she could describe to you what a linear actuator is, it's likely that all you would elicit would be a blank stare. This would be primarily because most people would be caught off guard by the randomness of the question. The secondary reason would be that the average person is unlikely to know what a linear actuator is or does. Most people, if given a few minutes and a few hints...

  • DC Actuators and Model Planes

    When I was a child I used to sit in my stepfather's workshop and watch him assemble model airplanes. These were not the metal kind that you would put together and then put on a shelf for display. Instead, these model airplanes would actually fly; they were remote control model airplanes, actually. Watching him piece together these complicated devices was fascinating, and I would sit for hours throwing a thousand questions at him. It probably drove him nuts. But he was very patient with me, and he would tell me...

  • SKF CAT33 Linear Actuators Enable Easy Customization Suited to Applications

    Press Release - October 6, 2008 by SKF USA Inc. SKF CAT33 electro-mechanical linear actuators feature a modular design to enable easy customization with standard internal and external components. Users can select the most appropriate motors, gears, controls, attachments, and other options to meet application needs without encountering long lead times and higher costs typically associated with custom products. These actuators can perform a variety of functions from opening/closing and clamping/gripping to raising/lowering and pushing/pulling. Both right- and left-hand models are available and all resist corrosion, making them ideal for...

  • New Gripper Accessory Provides More Sensing Capability

    PHD is pleased to release the JC1STP Teachable 2 Position Switch Mounting Kit for Series 8400 and Series 190/191 Grippers.   Mounting kits provide the switch plate with slots for either one or two Series JC1STP Switches to mount to the bottom surface of the grippers. Using two switches allows sensing of up to four jaw positions throughout the jaw travel. Since this accessory uses an existing switch ready option and only requires ordering the mounting plate and switches, it is very easy to apply. Benefits Include: ...

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DC Actuators

DC actuators are devices that produce linear motion through conversion of electrical direct current (DC) energy to mechanical energy. DC energy is one of the two main types of energy flow, the other being alternating current (AC) energy.

DC is the unidirectional flow of electricity, while AC oscillates electrical flow backwards and forwards at specific frequencies. A much simple source of energy, DC is used in mostly low-voltage applications and can be obtained from an AC current or changed into an AC current through the use of either an inverter or a motor-generator set. The ability to be changed into an AC current is important because nearly all modern electric power distribution is AC. As a result, DC actuators are typically used in industries and applications such as: medical, for hospital beds, dental chairs and additional medical equipment; industrial manufacturing, for machining, automation and construction applications; automotive, for seat positioning, electrical suspensions and light-duty applications; and commercial and residential applications such as ventilation, home automation, food preparation and commercial satellite tracking. For these applications and more, DC actuators are ideal as a result of their capabilities including precision positioning, speed and long service lives. 

The main parts of DC actuators are a DC motor, a screw rod and a housing, made from metals such as aluminum, zinc or steel. The DC motor can be brushed or brushless. A brushed DC motor consists of a permanent magnet stator and a wound iron-core armature, as well as a commutator with mechanical brushes. While the brushes serve to connect the power source to the armature, or a rotating coil that induces voltage from motion through a magnetic field, the brushes also cause decreased service life due to wear and tear. As a result, brushless DC motors can offer many advantages over the more traditional brushed DC motor design. Brushless DC motors consist of a permanent magnet rotor and coils that are within the stator. Instead of utilizing a mechanical commutation system, brushless DC motors use an electronically controlled commutation system. DC actuators may use ball screws or lead screws depending on the application; both types of screws can be used to translating rotational motion to linear motion. However, ball screws can typically offer reduced friction. To function, the dc motor is mechanically connected to a screw so that when the motor rotates, the screw also rotates. A nut is threaded onto the non-rotating part of the screw so that the nut will not rotate. Instead of rotating, the nut will be driven along the threads of the screw in a linear movement corresponding to the screw’s rotational motion. DC actuators often utilize worm gear sets to provide the required torque needed to rotate the screw.

DC Actuators
DC Actuators
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