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  • Bethel, CT 800-245-5013

    For an excellent deal on servo actuators, come do business with us! We began in 1974 and have been bringing customer service excellence and exceptional product value ever since. We are the leaders when it comes to actuators, let us show you why! Our products may range but our quality is always going to continue improving. Come and check out our website for more information, send our associates an email or call today!

  • Battle Creek, MI 800-537-9940

    Since 1960 the production facilities belonging to Burr Engineering & Development have been pumping out precision motion products for a variety of industries with a plethora of applications requiring their mechanisms. Parts they produce, such as the servo actuator, are necessary in the automotive, agriculture, medical, material handling, construction and food and beverage industries.

  • Cutchogue, NY 888-321-9178

    When you choose servo actuators from Ultra Motion, you choose servo actuators that will be unmatched by the competition. Our Servo Cylinder line features fully integrated Field-Oriented Brushless DC motor control and positioning systems, with no homing or battery required. Let our knowledgeable staff show you all the products we have to offer and allow them to assist you in finding the products that are sure to fit your needs.

  • Bethel, CT 800-447-2042

    We know that keeping your business running with no downtime is important to you. This is why we offer next day delivery if you need it! When you do business with us you can count on your product being there when you need it. We have technicians and engineers that will work with you every step of the way to make sure you get what you want. If you need a servo actuator or other linear motion product come do your business with us! We look forward to it!

  • Saanichton, BC 206-347-9684

    Innovation that spans over a decade from Actuonix Motion Devices includes actuation solutions for the Defense, Commercial, Industrial and Space industries. All of our products, including servo actuators, have a pre-developed, documented Quality plan prior to product release and are monitored throughout the process to ensure customer requirements and satisfaction.

  • Lansdale, PA 800-313-4753

    Ewellix is a leading global supplier of linear slides that offer precise motion. Our products range covers the guiding variants of linear ball bearings, miniature profile rails and precision rails. Call us today for all of your linear motion needs.

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Servo Actuators

Servo actuators are used to provide position control, utilizing linear motion in order to maintain proper functioning of another mechanism or equipment part. At its most basic, a servo is a small device that operates based on responding to error-sensing feedback.

While servomechanisms are used to provide and transmit a precise amount of energy used to correct a performance error through another mechanism that will provide the required work, servo actuators actually function to correct the performance error without the help of an additional device. Since servo actuators provide such precision control, they are often utilized in industries such as: industrial manufacturing, for applications such as factory automation, instrumentation and material handling robotics; electronics, for use in beam steering applications, radio and remote-controlled vehicles and more; marine and aerospace, in automatic navigation systems; textile, for use in web guiding systems; and medical, for precision motion control of medical devices such as patient lifts. Servo actuators can be powered through hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical means; however, electromechanical and pneumatic servo actuators are much more common than hydraulic. The choice of actuation depends on the power, speed and precision requirements of the application.

Servo actuators consist of three main components: a servo motor, a set of gears and an output bearing. There are two main types of servo motors: brush and brushless. Well-suited for long stroke applications, a brush servo motor has a commutator with mechanical brushes that connect the power source to the armature, or a rotating coil that induces voltage from motion through a magnetic field.  Brushless servo motors, on the other hand, provide commutation through electrical means and, as a result, offer many advantages over the brush motor design such as a longer service life due to less mechanical wear and tear. The most common types of gears used in servo actuators are worm gears and planetary gears. Worm gears are gears that have a curved and recessed throat, whereas planetary gears consist of three or more small outer gears that rotate around a larger, central gear. The output bearing is commonly encased in a hard, protective housing, typically made from metals such as aluminum, zinc or steel. The output bearing functions to allow for constrained linear motion between two or more mechanisms. In servo actuators, the bearing operates at an angle. The angle generally ranges from 0 to 180º, not exceeding 210º, and its movement is limited due to a mechanical stop that is attached to one of the gears.

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