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  • Rockford, IL

    A recognized leader in automated assembly products. Stay competitive with Dixon's robotic screwdrivers, auto-fed screw & nut drivers, auto-fed part placers, parts feeding systems & assembly cells, including robotic assembly & vision. Every Dixon product is manufactured to assure accuracy & dependability for repetitive assembly. Dixon supports Machine Integrators with assembly products & stations. Contact us today and we will help you find the best product for your application!

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  • New Baltimore, MI

    Invio Automation is a leading comprehensive AGV, AMR, and robotics integrator with 10 engineering and support sites throughout North America. We specialize in heavyweight and assembly line applications.

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  • Hatfield, PA

    Since 1982, Isotech has been a leader in the automation equipment industry. You can trust the accuracy of our solutions. Our experts at Isotech are always available to assist you with your needs. Feel free to contact us today to learn more information!

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  • Bristol, PA

    Advent Design’s Manufacturing Automation group has a proven track record in the design and assembly of custom equipment for manufacturing. Company experience ranges from single workstation semi-automated equipment to fully integrated production lines. Additionally, we offer machine safety integration services to assist you in making your machine compliant with current safeguarding standards. Our diverse team members work together with your company to achieve the best solution for your particular needs.

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  • Bethel, CT

    Del-Tron Precision is your one-stop shop for ball & crossed roller slides, multi-axis positioning and motor-ready lead screw stages, air actuators, recirculating slide guides and crossed roller rail sets. Custom linear slides are available. Visit our website to find life/load calculators. Our greatest strength is to offer components which provide a reliable mechanical interface for equipment.

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Factory Automation Industry Information

Factory Automation

Factory automation is the use of computer operated machinery and equipment within a factory setting. Almost any piece of equipment or any machine today can be custom made or modified to become automated. Some common pieces of automated equipment include conveyors, sensors, assembly lines, robots, pick and place systems, and actuators.

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Applications of Factory Automation Equipment

Factory automation equipment is a broad category of machinery that includes tools and systems used for many applications involved during manufacturing, assembling, packaging, and other processes that are performed in a factory. Factory automation is widely used by factories that work in a variety of industries performing agricultural, automotive, computer, electrical, electronics, food and beverage processing, medical, semiconductor, and telecommunications applications.

Items that are used in an automated system include:

  • Lifts
  • Pick-and-Place Arms
  • Marking Equipment
  • Vision Systems
  • Pallet Transfer Systems
  • High Speed Assembly Machines
  • Testing Equipment
  • Bulk Handling Equipment
  • Cleanroom Applications

Features of Factory Automation Equipment

Factory automation describes a characteristic of a piece of equipment or a system. Factory automation systems are composed of many individual pieces of automation equipment and are able to practically run themselves. Individual automated machines require more effort from the operator to load and unload the machine or to turn the workpiece around. Instead of needing an operator to place the workpiece on the machine and remove it, a vibratory feeder may drop a workpiece onto a conveyor belt that carries it through a series of rollers. A robotic arm could pick up the workpiece and place it down on another machine where it is stamped, rotated, and stamped again. The product could then be conveyed through a spray booth, dried, packaged, and packed. Automation allows that entire process to take place without the use of a worker even touching the product.

Benefits of Using Factory Automation Equipment

Different factories work with different substances and products but having automated production equipment is beneficial across the board. Certain equipment and machine configurations are frequently used because of their efficiency and ease of use. Carousel systems, continuous motion conveyors, inline indexing, multi-station, rotary, synchronized, and walking beam transfer systems are a few of the many arrangements of equipment. Various motion control mechanisms are used to enable precise and repetitive movements independently of human influence. Operators oversee the processes but do not need to do as much work as they do without machine automation, which greatly reduces the need for operator involvement. Because they are automated, factory automation systems do not require much human control and are typically cost-effective, labor-saving, and consistent, as they are able to do the same exact motion time after time.


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Eriez Helps Processors Achieve Maximum Product Purity

For the most difficult food/sanitary industry applications requiring the highest level of protection against metal contamination, an Eriez® Rare Earth magnetic separator powered by Xtreme® RE7 alongside an Xtreme® Metal Detector Enhanced Platform (EP) is the solution. This ultimate “Double Team” enables processors to achieve maximum product purity. Eriez’ new and improved Xtreme® RE7 magnet circuit has proven to be 13 to 40 percent stronger than other magnets on the market today in head-to-head pull tests.  The Eriez Xtreme RE7 magnet circuit is available in all Eriez Tubes, Grates and... Read More About This

Eriez Appoints Executive VP of Global Strategy & Development

Eriez president and CEO Tim Shuttleworth announces the appointment of Lukas Guenthardt as executive vice president of global strategy & development. Guenthardt recently joined Eriez in anticipation of Andy Lewis’ retirement from the role of vice president-international on April 10, 2015, according to Shuttleworth. Lewis will continue on as chairman of the board for Eriez-Europe. “Lukas has many years of business management experience with large and respected industrial companies,” says Shuttleworth. “We are pleased that he will now apply his global skills and expertise to help... Read More About This

Flexicon Introduces Tubular Cable Conveyors

BETHLEHEM, PA - President of Flexicon Corporation, David Gill has introduces an all-new FLEXI-DISC™ line of tubular cable conveyors for the gentle transfer or friable food and non-food products. "The new tubular cable conveyor is a strategic addition that complements Flexicon's established line of flexible screw conveyors and pneumatic conveying systems, allowing us to now convey virtually any bulk solid material in the most efficient manner possible," says Gill, adding, "Flexicon has engineered and thoroughly tested the new conveyor over several years to significantly advance the technology and performance associated... Read More About This