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  • Holland, MI 833-800-7630

    JR Automation is a leader in intelligent automated manufacturing and distribution technology solutions. We engineer, design, integrate, and support advanced automation systems across the globe. From digital, assembly, and process solutions to warehouse automation, welding, robotics, and vision, we have the knowledge and experience to improve your manufacturing operations. Contact us today to learn more.

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  • Rockford, IL 888-375-3000

    A recognized leader in automated assembly products. Stay competitive with Dixon's robotic screwdrivers, auto-fed screw & nut drivers, auto-fed part placers, parts feeding systems & assembly cells, including robotic assembly & vision. Every Dixon product is manufactured to assure accuracy & dependability for repetitive assembly. Dixon supports Machine Integrators with assembly products & stations. Contact us today and we will help you find the best product for your application!

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  • Warren, MI 517-512-4233

    Eckhart designs, builds, and sustains assembly lines for the largest operations in the world. Solutions include lift assists, torque systems, conveyance, AGVs, robotics, collaborative robotics, 3D printed tooling, poka-yokes, sub-assembly stations, and error proofing vision systems.

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  • Bristol, PA 215-781-0500

    Advent Design’s Manufacturing Automation group has a proven track record in the design and assembly of custom equipment for manufacturing. Company experience ranges from single workstation semi-automated equipment to fully integrated production lines. Additionally, we offer machine safety integration services to assist you in making your machine compliant with current safeguarding standards. Our diverse team members work together with your company to achieve the best solution for your particular needs.

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  • Erie, PA 814-835-6000

    We have an extensive selection of products to pick from and we are confident we can find the perfect solution for your application. Our world-class items are proven for reliability and longevity. You can count on us to supply you with the best. You will not be upset with our value-added assembly machinery. Please give us a call today to learn more information! We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Bethel, CT 203-778-2727

    Del-Tron Precision is your one-stop shop for ball & crossed roller slides, multi-axis positioning and motor-ready lead screw stages, air actuators, recirculating slide guides and crossed roller rail sets. Custom linear slides are available. Visit our website to find life/load calculators. Our greatest strength is to offer components which provide a reliable mechanical interface for equipment.

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  • Apex, NC 919-772-0115

    ATI is a recognized leader in Automated Assembly Products and Services. To stay competitive, take advantage of our products such as Auto-fed Part Placers, Pick & Place Mechanisms, Placer/Presses, Feed Systems, Assembly Work Cells, and Robotic and Vision Applications. All of ATI's products are manufactured to assure quality, accuracy, and dependability for constant assembly production. Contact us today!

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  • Belleville, NJ 800-822-8629

    We are recognized for our ability to create outstanding conveying systems. These high quality items are designed with you in mind! We have the capabilities to handle all of your requests. Please give us a call today to learn more information. We are ready and willing to assist you with selecting the best conveyor for your situation. Your satisfaction is our priority. We look forward to working with you!

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Warehouse Automation Industry Information

Warehouse Automation

Whether it is making various tasks easier to enhance worker productivity, or by totally automating repetitive manual activities, technology is improving the efficiency of many warehouse processes and allowing employees to concentrate on more challenging duties. This aspect has benefited the working firms financially by properly adjusting their staffing levels while enabling them to improve their overall efficiency. Warehouse automation is a modernized engineering solution that is widely adopted in different working sectors around the globe. Reducing the involvement of manual labor via warehouse automation has played an exceptional role in workplace safety too by removing employees from many dangerous tasks.

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What is Warehouse Automation?

Any procedure that aids in automating your standard warehouse production is considered warehouse automation. It could involve moving supplies inside your warehouse, moving products in and out of your warehouse, or making sure merchandise gets to clients quickly and effectively.

Pick and Place Robot

Many repetitive chores that might otherwise put a lot of stress on your personnel can be eliminated with warehouse automation, allowing you to both lessen the workload on your workforce and utilize them for more important tasks. Compared to a warehouse that depends solely on human employees to handle those crucial activities, an automated warehouse can handle distribution issues more effectively.

Types of Warehouse Automation

In order to maintain inventory and distribute items, warehouses manage a range of duties and processes. Due to this fact, there are a variety of technologies available for warehouse automation that can speed up various warehouse procedures. Below are the various types of warehouse automation technologies:

Goods-to-Person Technologies
Robots or other equipment that deliver materials to workers for assembly or packing make up the majority of goods-to-person (GTP) solutions. It might make use of cars that drive around the warehouse collecting materials or cranes. Conveyor systems, automated storage, and retrieval solutions are also included in GTP.
Voice Picking and Voice Tasking
A warehouse order picker's routine can be enhanced with communication technology through voice picking or voice tasking solutions. Pickers and taskers coordinate mobility and picking jobs more efficiently by speaking to one another, typically using wireless headsets.
Voice Picking
Though technically a robot, most drones lack efficient onboard computers. Barcode scanner-equipped drones are utilized for inventory management to conduct inventory counts and notify warehouse employees of products that need replenishing or those that are in inappropriate storage places. Drone deliveries are another application that some warehouse automation businesses are exploring.
Cloud Storage
There is no longer a need for a large amount of space in the warehouse for servers and technology if automated technology is employed. One can use cloud technology as an alternative. Cloud technology might offer improved security, more storage space overall, and better scalability, allowing one to easily extend its use as warehouse needs change over time.

Benefits of Warehouse Automation

Below are some of the useful benefits of warehouse automation:

  • Increased throughput in the warehouse
  • Better use of resources
  • Decreased operating and labor costs
  • Enhanced client services
  • Cheaper handling and storage
  • Decrease in human error
  • Reduced manual work
  • Increased effectiveness and productivity
Wireless Fleet Management

Applications of Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation is useful in numerous processes for various industries. The processes which were previously conducted manually in the warehouse may now be automated. Below are the warehouse processes which can benefit from automation:

  • Shipping
  • Replenishment
  • Returns
  • Receiving
  • Sorting
  • Stocking
  • Picking