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  • Ross Syscon Unveils Wireless Control System

    Ross SysCon Control Panels are now offered with wireless connection allowing users to access the PLC system using tablets, laptops and smartphones via Ethernet, WLAN or Bluetooth. As part of the controls package, Ross can supply an intrinsically safe tablet enabling end users to control the panel from non-hazardous and hazardous locations, including Class 1 Division 1. With a 12-hour battery life on the tablet, operators have ample time to complete necessary tasks. Additional tablets can be provided for multiple shift applications. The 100-meter range of the wireless connection...

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Robotic Automation

Robotic automation is a process automation technology which utilizes robots and artificial intelligence to accomplish many different kinds of tasks. With robotic automation, companies can program automated robotic machinery to accomplish many different tasks and complete objectives automatically. Companies that use labor on a large scale for manufacturing and other general industrial work can increase their capabilities and save money with robotic automation systems. Robotic automation allows for greater accuracy and productivity in tasks that require repeated actions, and it elevates the nature of work by removing people from repetitive tasks.

Robotic automation can come in many different forms and can be used to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Automated robotics can range from small robotic clamps to huge robotic welding arms and can be custom designed for practically any application. While robotic automation, in general, can be used in many different tasks, each robotic system is usually programmed to accomplish a single task or set of similar tasks, and robotics technicians can adjust this programming to fit changing requirements and demands. Robotic automation is ideal for use in factories and other industrial manufacturing facilities, and they can be used for applications ranging from assembly to painting. The automotive industry, for example, makes extensive use of robotic automation systems in assembly lines, and these systems can be used in practically any situation where an action is continuously repeated. Automated robotic machinery can be used to weld metal stampings together, paint parts as they are passed along a conveyor, lift and place products on to pallets, and complete many other tasks.

Industrial manufacturers utilize robotic automation because it helps improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and can reduce costs. These systems are often used to take over for workers in mundane tasks, as they can usually accomplish these tasks much more quickly and more accurately. In addition to efficiency and accuracy, it also reduces costs associated with paying workers. However, it is important to keep in mind that these automation systems typically have a significant upfront cost. Initially purchasing the robotics system is usually very expensive. This significant initial cost can eventually lead to cost savings in the long run as fewer workers are needed to accomplish the same task. Additionally, automated robotic machines can be programmed to run all day, every day, which equates to more products being created and more profit. Robotic automation can be used for many applications, but it is not necessarily best suited for every job. To determine whether a robotic automation system is right for you, discuss your applications and requirements with an automation equipment manufacturer.

Robotic Automation
Robotic Automation
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